11 Tricks To Increase Traffic To Your New Website

Think of search engines as a bustling business district — a very busy space where many people come in search of some product or service. If you’re a new player, it can be hard to grab the attention of your target consumers. And when trying to drive more traffic to your newly launched website (which means it’s highly likely that you’re also just learning the ropes of search engine optimization), one of the best things to do is hire SEO services Toronto.

In this article, we’re giving you 11 more tricks to help you make your new website generate more quality traffic.

Know your target audience. For any SEO services Vancouver to be effective, you must first define your target audience — the group of consumers who’ll likely buy your product or service.

Use the right keywords. Keyword research is made easier if you know who your target is. Upon choosing the right keywords (both short tail and long tail), make sure that you insert them in the right places. These include your header, blogs, meta titles and descriptions, and image descriptions, among others.

Create an FAQ section. Whether you’re a new website or an established one, it pays to have a section dedicated to answering frequently asked questions. This type of content is great for incorporating long tail keywords.

Have a blog. As mentioned, blogs are contents where you can insert keywords. But they’re not just for SEO purposes. Especially with evergreen topics, you can provide great value and informative content to your audience. You can also attract traffic by using catchy but not misleading headlines.

Build a resource center. Don’t just invest in blogs. Offer webinars, free guides, and templates for your audience. These are effective lead magnets that don’t just boost SEO performance but your bottom line as well.

Incorporate purposeful visuals. SEO services Vancouver wouldn’t be as effective if there are no quality and relevant images and videos on your website. To improve SEO, make sure to optimize alternative text descriptions and transcripts.

Collaborate with other brands and industry experts. From doing guest posts for good websites to appearing on podcasts and interviewing thought leaders, there are different ways you can collaborate with others, tap into their audience, and raise awareness about your brand.

Research your competition. No matter your niche, it’s important to know what’s happening in your space. Visit your high-performing competitors’ websites and see what content they’re offering. Take a cue from those and emulate them on your website.

Leverage social media. Social media platforms are effective in driving traffic to your website. When promoting your portal to your audience on social media, be consistent with your branding (tone and visuals). Also, be careful not to commit redirecting mistakes.

Run cleverly crafted ad campaigns. Even if you have a limited budget, you can design, implement, monitor, and modify ad campaigns that can help you hit your goals. Making your website a success entails making both organic and paid marketing efforts.

Make sure your website offers a great user experience. All the tips above will go to waste if your website loads slowly, is hard to navigate, and is not responsive. Get help from SEO services Toronto, so you properly pinpoint ways to improve your new website’s user experience.

With SEO services Vancouver or SEO services Toronto, we can help you increase your website traffic and help convert customers to paying users. Contact us today at A.D. Pollock.

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