How to disable the Reporter tool from Google Chrome software

How to disable the Reporter tool from Google Chrome software

How to disable the Reporter tool from Google Chrome software

How to disable or block the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool

  • Disable the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool

Software Reporter Tool is a self-contained Google Chrome process that monitors your Chrome installation and reports if any plugins are interfering with the normal operation of the browser. The tool is not connected to the web but is mainly used by the browser to recognize programs that may conflict with it. It is visible as a 54Kb executable called ” software_reporter_tool.exe “. If you are facing high CPU usage for this process or if you frequently see the Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool has stopped working message; you may want to disable or remove it. This is how you can do it.

The existence of this component is completely unknown to the user, unless and until the user deliberately searches for the software reporting tool. So what is the function of this chrome plugin? Basically, the Chrome Software Reporting Tool is an executable file that runs once a week and reports the scan results to Chrome. To be precise, the tool scans the system to check for unwanted software applications that might be interfering with the Chrome browsing experience. Additionally, the tool reports to Chrome about unexpected ads or incidents like site crashes. Chrome reportedly prompts the user to run the Chrome Cleanup Tool as part of the scanning process.

Where is Chrome Reporter Tool

Mainly, Software Reporting Tool is the executable file that is present in the Chrome app data folder as Software_reporter_tool.exe. The Chrome app data folder contains information about the user’s Chrome profile, such as browser settings, bookmarks, saved passwords, and other user’s information. Amid this much user data, the .exe file is visible in the SwReporter folder in the Chrome app data folder.

Is it safe to use Chrome’s Reporter tool?

As a user, you may be concerned about privacy. If you are not sure about your network privacy, you can simply check the authenticity of the tool by simply moving your cursor over the .exe file. You can see that the component is digitally signed by Google with the file description as Chrome Cleanup Tool. So this tool is completely safe. It is worth mentioning that the reporting tool does not have any network communication. The only job of this tool is to inform Chrome about software that may not work conventionally with the Chrome browser.

Chrome Software Report Tool vs. Chrome Cleanup Tool

In other words, the software reporting tool is associated with the Chrome cleanup tool. Yes, you got it right! Both tools are identical. So, you might be wondering what could be the need to have them as a separate tool. According to Google, the software reporter tool reports the scans to Chrome, and based on the scan reports, the Chrome browser prompts the user to remove unwanted software via the Chrome cleanup tool.

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