Optional car insurance coverage

Optional car insurance coverage

Optional car insurance coverage

Optional car insurance coverage, In addition to those ‘assigned’ to each of the modalities, you can always add that extra security by contracting some of the most common optional coverages.

  • What are the most common optional car insurance coverages?
  • Damage to animals: in this sense, you have to look in detail at the specifications of the coverage, since some insurers cover the damage caused by colliding with hunting animals, domestic animals or both
  • Replacement car: they offer you a replacement vehicle for a limited time. Some insurers specify certain limit days while others prefer to offer it for as long as the car remains in the workshop after an accident.
  • Legal assistance and management: it is different from the legal assistance coverage since it covers the advice and management of procedures related to the car
  • Protection for the cyclist: it is not common, but some insurers do cover the material and personal damage you suffer while riding a bicycle

electric car insurance likewise, there are certain insurers that have car insurance for electric vehicles while others, such as Direct Seguros, include the damages and mishaps of these ecological cars as optional coverage.

Where can I check my car insurance coverage?

If you have doubts about the car insurance coverage you have contracted, you can consult them through these channels:

  • In the general conditions of the policy. They usually send them to you by mail once you have signed
  • In the personal area of ​​​​the insurer
  • Contacting the customer service department, either by phone, by email, or by going to the offices

What coverage must include at least third-party insurance?

At a minimum, it must include mandatory civil liability, but as essential it must include roadside assistance, health, legal defense, and driver’s insurance.

Can I extend the coverage of my car insurance?

Yes, you can extend the coverage of your car insurance at the time of renewal or during the active life of the policy (at the time it is in force). To do so, it depends on the company, but what we recommend is that you call the customer service phone number.

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