2022 MG HS Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

www.autofun.co.th—MG Taiwan, the world’s leading car manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the HS 1.5T petrol and NEW MG HS PHEV models, the first of its kind to be manufactured in Taiwan by a Chinese car manufacturer, signifying the brand’s commitment to sustainable business in Taiwan.

MG Taiwan, founded in 1924 with the iconic octagonal logo from the United Kingdom, has taken advantage of the growing leisure vehicle market in recent years, as well as the market trend of low emission, high horsepower and new energy sources, and has therefore chosen the HS 1.5T and HS PHEV as its first new models in Taiwan. The HS 1.5T is the best value for money in a million and the HS PHEV is the only PHEV plug-in hybrid in China.
Both models feature an eye-catching exterior with a panoramic sunroof, which perfectly translates the HS model line’s innate hipness, as well as the Level 2 active safety technology MG PILOT 2.0 Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system with ACC intelligent all-speed active cruise control and LKA lane keeping assistance, as well as AEB automatic emergency braking system The Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with AEB, TJA, 360° panoramic view assist, BSD, LCA, RCTA, DOW, SAS, IHC, HDC and HSA. The interior is equipped with the highest standard of safety protection for every passenger.
In the interior, the dual front-seat power-integrated sports seats create a performance driving atmosphere in the cockpit, and the long 2720mm wheelbase gives every passenger a spacious and comfortable ride. In addition, the HS 1.5T and HS PHEV feature a 12.3″ digital instrument and 10.1″ floating touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all of which are intuitively integrated to provide an entertaining digital experience.

The HS 1.5T is powered by the MEGA Tech 1.5T direct injection turbocharged petrol engine, which delivers 180hp/5,600rpm and 29.1kgm/1,500~4,000rpm of torque. The vehicle is also covered by a 4-year or 120,000km factory warranty.

The HS PHEV is the first plug-in hybrid model in China to be powered by a MEGA Tech 1.5T turbocharged direct-injection engine with a high-powered permanent magnet synchronous motor, which delivers a class-leading 291hp and 49kgm of combined torque. The HS PHEV is not only a performance vehicle that offers a dual-powered personality, it is also the perfect solution to electric vehicle mileage anxiety.
The HS PHEV is equipped with a BOSE theatre-quality surround sound system as standard, making it the perfect companion for every journey. The NCM lithium-ion battery is covered by an 8-year or 160,000km warranty, providing excellent fuel consumption unlike fuel-fired vehicles and light electric vehicles, and even achieving zero fuel consumption for short daily trips or urban commuting. The independent battery module design, which can be tested and replaced independently through battery splitting technology, reduces the burden of battery replacement costs by eliminating the need to replace the entire battery pack and, more importantly, contributes to environmental sustainability.

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