Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android

Are you concerned about what children are doing online? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and just want to track how your employees use company devices? Spy apps are your solution.

You can download and install them on Android or iPhone and control the use of the smartphone, including social media, text messages, phone calls, specific applications, etc. The app is hidden and the person will not know that it is installed on the device.

Also, most spy apps keep their data recorded in the cloud, which means you can check the information anywhere. But choosing the best app can be quite difficult, as there are hundreds of products for both platforms. Are they worth your time and money?

We have checked and tested many spy apps and here is the top 2 applications.

Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android

1.1 mSpy


  • 1 month – $48.99 per month ($69.99 per month after renewal)
  • 3 months – $27.99 per month ($39.99 per month after renewal)
  • 12 months – $11.66 per month ($16.66 per month after renewal)


  • iOS – iOS 7-9.1 (jailbreak), all versions (no jailbreak)
  • Android 4 and newer

The powerful multifunctional mSpy app is a well-deserved leader in the market. Its user-friendly algorithm, intuitive interface and wide range of monitoring capabilities make the program simply indispensable, especially in the field of parental control. The software not only has basic features like listening, reading chats and GPS positioning, but also completely unique innovative features. The list includes blocking suspicious content, spam contacts, geo-restriction, and much more.

The basic monitoring options do not require jailbreak or root, and it is one of the best options for those who are not technically savvy and prefer to skip the more complicated procedure. But to have unlimited access to everything that happens on the phone, you may need to jailbreak or root it. The app hides its icon and does not warn the target.

Regardless of which phone your target uses (Android or iPhone), mSpy will work flawlessly on both operating systems. This phone spy app has all the features like text message monitoring, instant messaging, contact list, call log and location tracking.

For those who struggle with technology but want full access to another device, mSpy has reliable tech support that quickly gets you the information you need and guides you through installing the app on your target device.

With the help of the mSpy app, you can be sure that all your information is fully protected. You are still 100% invisible. The information is updated every 5 minutes, so you can check all the events and not miss anything important.


  • handle calls
  • Text Message Tracking
  • Read most messaging apps and emails
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing
  • Control apps on your target device
  • screen recording
  • See photos and videos
  • Monitor online activity
  • Get access to contact list and calendar
  • Detailed reports


  • Competitive price
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Easy installation
  • hidden app icon
  • Activity tracker to track screen time
  • Geofence capacity
  • Opportunity to view multimedia files
  • Family pack to monitor multiple targets
  • Fast technical support


  • Prices can be displayed more clearly with a pricing page

1.2 Flexispy


  • Lite – $29.95 per month
  • Premium – $68 per month, $99 for 3 months, $149 for 12 months
  • Extreme – $199 for 3 months, $349 for 12 months


  • iOS 6.0 and later, Android 4 and later

FlexiSPY is one of the most powerful Android spy apps available. And it cannot be detected because it has some unique and incredibly useful features that no other phone spy software offers.

This is one of the best mobile spy apps on the market for those who are more tech-savvy and willing to spend a bit more on advanced features. This powerful mobile phone monitoring software allows you to stay up to date and remotely monitor everything that happens on your target device. The FlexiSPY Extreme version offers unbeatable spy phone features and includes an application for computers.

FlexiSPY not only gives you access to call logs, but also allows you to listen to phone calls. Another great feature is the ability to order a smartphone with the FlexiSPY app pre-installed on the target phone. You won’t even have to spend time setting everything up.

The app works seamlessly on Android and iOS phones and tablets. FlexiSPY offers informative and friendly technical support to help with installation, hacking, and all ongoing maintenance for those who need technical assistance.


  • call logs
  • Access to contact list, calendar, audio and video files
  • Remote recording, activation and deactivation
  • Tracking of text messages, emails and messaging apps
  • Geolocation
  • remote boot reset
  • Battery level check
  • Informative panel to control all the parameters in any browser


  • The Most Powerful Hidden Spy App for Android and iOS
  • Full access to all phone features
  • Listen to live calls and record calls
  • Hidden spy apps on your phone
  • surround listening function
  • Good user experience and ease of use.
  • Phone with pre-installed spy apps
  • Free installation service for those who are not tech savvy


  • Requires jailbreak to run on iOS
  • Android advanced features require root


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