Are you looking for a gift idea for your child of quick setup swimming pool? The pool filled with soft balls will surely bring her a lot of fun, and additionally support the child’s development, shaping its cognitive and motor skills. Playing among the colorful balls will provide him with a daily dose of entertainment, help to use up some energy and more. Find out why you should also buy a dry pool and place it in a children’s room.

Dry ball pool – what is it about?

Almost every toddler loves crazy fun in the water. An alternative to water fun is a dry ball pool, which is equally effective in chasing boredom. The role of water is played by light and soft balls. A toddler can lie in them, dive in, throw them and more. The possibilities of having fun are endless in this case. You can place a small, dry pool in the child’s room for easy access to entertainment.

The pool has soft, flexible walls and a foam bottom, making it safe even for babies who can sit up on their own. It is a fantastic way to be actively entertained when the weather outside is not conducive to walks. In Bajum you can find dry pools in various sizes and shades, thanks to which you can easily find the perfect model for arranging your child’s room. We also provide our clients with the possibility to choose the color of the balls from a wide range of available colors.

Pool with balls – support for creativity

There are plenty of ways to play in a dry pool. In addition, your child can still come up with new ones, letting their imagination run wild. A dry swimming pool is a perfect shelter against an opponent or a dream house for teddy bears . Your child will surely find many uses for it, playing alone or with siblings or friends. It is a fantastic entertainment for toddlers, as well as for older children up to the age of 5.

By equipping a children’s room with a ball pool, you support its creativity. You will see how many ideas for great fun your child has. The presence of the swimming pool favors the development of the imagination and allows him to spend time pleasantly and creatively.

Children’s ball pool – motor development

It not only entertains, but also develops. Thanks to it, the toddler can satisfy his need for exercise. Curious about the world, an infant practices his first steps, firm grip and first throws in the pool. An older child, in turn, can use the pool to practice jumping, accuracy, diving, swimming and more. The ball pool is also completely safe for the kid . It allows you to play actively at home, without the risk of injury or fall. A toddler can develop his motor skills in it, with adequate cushioning provided.

Light, colorful balls will not hurt your child, and the pool walls made of foam will guarantee a soft and safe landing. It is worth knowing that the dry pool is also stable, and the pleasant-to-touch material additionally increases the comfort of its use. However, to be sure that your toddler is safe, choose a high-quality model from a reputable manufacturer. You will find it in the offer of our store.

Pool with balls – assistance in sensory integration

Playing in a dry pool provides the kid with numerous stimuli. The toddler can touch the balls, study their structure and look at their colors. Being surrounded by soft balls gives him a lot of impressions. The child trains the perception and reception of signals from the outside world along with their interpretation. Dry pools are often used in sensory integration therapy , stimulating the senses and enabling him to experience the world sensually.

Playing among the colored balls mainly develops the senses of touch and sight. In Bajum there are models with shiny, flexible balls that will surely arouse the interest of children. Bathing in them is an amazing adventure for a child and a source of real pleasure. It is worth knowing that our balls are non-toxic and are distinguished by exceptional durability, providing the child with entertainment for a long time.

Dry pool and hand-eye coordination

In young children, playing in a dry pool stimulates brain development and the related visual-motor coordination. Throwing balls at the target and catching them allows you to exercise agility and promotes better precision and balance. After intense fun, the pool with balls can be used as a comfortable place for a kid to relax. The moving balls gently massage your child’s body, relaxing their muscles and making it easier to relax.

Before it’s time to relax, however, your child can use the pool to exercise to overcome obstacles. This element of children’s room equipment is also used in the rehabilitation of toddlers. The dry pools available in Bajum have a removable, cotton cover, which makes keeping them clean much easier. The polyurethane foam used to stiffen their walls has anti-allergic properties, which makes our pools also suitable for children with sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

Pool with balls – is it worth it?

The answer is yes. If only in the children’s room there is a place for a dry pool, it is worth giving the child such a gift. In this way, you will provide him with the possibility of active and safe play at home and support his development. In addition, the pool filled with balls is an aesthetic element of the interior, which will give the arrangement an original character.

In Bajum’s offer you will find a large selection of round and square pools in many stylish colors. We recommend hand-made models in Poland that delight with the precision of details. Only certified materials that do not contain harmful chemical substances were used for their production. A dry swimming pool will be perfect as a gift for a year old or as a gift for a preschooler. Use the ready-made color sets available in our store or match the shade of the balls to the pool yourself and compose a unique set for your child.

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