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The Greek islands are amazing! With hundreds of gorgeous little islands to explore there is something for everyone from the wild party goer to the exploring family to the quiet nomad. And whoever you are, you can be sure the charming beauty of the Greek islands will make you fall in love. It’s a place that has magic in the air and it’s noticed by everyone who is lucky enough to visit.

Most people arrive on the Greek islands by boat, unless you have a helicopter with a landing pad handy. Cruising into the islands at sunset by boat is one of the most romantic introductions to paradise you could imagine. Seeing the twinkling lights of the white stone buildings perched on cliffs overlooking the ocean is one of the most gorgeous sights imaginable. The boat slows down as it gets closer to the pier and you feel more in a hurry to get onto the land to start exploring.

It’s truly hard to find a corner of the Greek islands that isn’t stunningly pretty. It’s like the supermodel of tropical islands with winding streets that present surprising scenes at every turn. Mykonos, Santorini, Amorgos and Corfu to name a few all have a high rate of return tourists, and some even end up buying holiday homes so they can make an annual trip back to the perfect shores again and again.

The waters are so blue and crystal clear. The beaches are postcard perfect. Early morning strolls on the beach or romantic walks at sunset become favorite daily rituals. Then the temperature is lovely with a gentle ocean breeze. Chilled vibes are a part of your natural mindset after a few slow days there.

In the afternoons the Greeks have a siesta. The daily doze is a sacred ritual not to be interrupted. It would have to be an emergency of epic requirements to justify waking a sleeping local. It’s a short power nap. There’s nothing to do but join them and close your eyes for a little rest and recharge. What a wonderful tradition.

The white stone buildings contrast beautifully against the deep blue oceans with splashes of pink local flowers is a photo that every tourist has on their camera when they get home. It’s an iconic scene of the Greek islands and makes the place instantly recognizable even to those who have never been there. The cobblestone paths and dark blue windows, doors and roofs are also memorable signs of gorgeous Greece.

Put the Greek islands on your dream holiday destination list. It’s a paradise that you have to see once in your lifetime. If you have time on the way in or out, spend some time in Athens, a really great city to visit with lots to see and do.

It can be difficult for someone difficult to navigate the Greek Islands, especially if you don’t have a car. That’s why having a local show you around is a great idea. Locals can help you easily navigate your favorite islands like Santorini and Mykonos and find all the best places to shop, eat, and have fun without having to pay for expensive taxis.

To meet locals in Greece, visit Citysurfing.com. On Citysurfing you can meet and book locals throughout Greece that are available to help travellers and people relocating.

There are Greek locals that will show you around; locals that offer tour guide services; locals that provide translation, photography, and videography services; and even locals that do pick ups, drop offs and drive-arounds.

It’s a great way to experience the best of Greece with locals and make new friends at the same time.

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