Dr Ash Labib

What you need to know about Dr Ash Labib

Dr. Ash Labib, Our Medical Director, discovered a passion and became an expert in aesthetics. His caring, warm and professional manner has made him a valuable asset to the aesthetics field. Dr. Ash Labib brings a wealth of experience, training, qualifications and expertise to the aesthetics field. He has a strong background in medicine and is now a specialist in plastic surgery, general practice, and surgery.

Dr. Ash is a holistic doctor who truly cares about his patients. Each patient receives individualized results at the aesthetics clinic. Dr. Labib’s unique approach ensures that each patient receives the best possible health and well-being. Dr. Labib can take the time to get to know the patient and provide the best possible outcome. He is a specialist in complete-face rejuvenation. He believes in natural results. Dr. Labib takes the time to choose the right products and equipment for his Aesthetics clinic.

Dr. Ash Labib is dedicated to patient safety and care. His time is also spent teaching and training other aesthetic doctors. He mentors other aesthetic doctors and is part of a team that created a Medical Aesthetics Diploma.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the UK. In addition to his work at the Aesthetics Clinic, he shares his knowledge and expertise with peers. Dr. Ash Labib’s desire to provide the best possible care has inspired him to establish the Aesthetics Support Group UK. This is a network that supports aesthetics professionals.

Dr. Ash Labib is a respected cosmetic surgeon who founded AL Aesthetics and The renowned AL Academy. He is a revered and highly respected figure.

His distinguished career spans more than 24 years. He was a pioneering NHS Ear Nose and Throat physician. He was also a sub-specialist in Rhinology, Rhinoplasty, and was a consultant at an West Midlands teaching hospital.

Dr. Labib is a member the Allergen Medical Institute. He holds the honour of UK Country Ambassador as well as Global Key Opinion Leader. He is passionate about professional aesthetics and ethical practices. Part of his time is dedicated to clinical audit and research. He is able to advocate safety-based practices in the Anti-wrinkle industry.

His highly acclaimed and charismatic lectures are well-respected worldwide. His unrivaled showmanship and expertise are not only what makes him a great speaker, but also his unique and thought-provoking ways of innovating this process in a safe, creative way that puts this genius at the center of attention.

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