R-DNA on board! Yamaha Yamaha’s AEROX 155 gets a handsome facelift

www.autofun.co.th—The 2016 AEROX facelift has led to a lot of interest in the popular ‘goat’ bikes from South East Asia, which have also been introduced by traders in China, and the handsome looks and excellent ride have led to many people turning to these exotic bikes. Last week YAMAHA Thailand announced the 2021 AEROX 155, but it was already launched in Indonesia last November under the name “YAMAHA AEROX 155 CONNECTED”, so take a look at this slightly revised and even better-looking AEROX!

All new Yamaha Aerox: Local price in Thailand
Standard version: 67,500 THB (approx. NTD 62,952)
ABS version: 78,500 Baht (approx. TWD 73,211)

Vehicle features
The 2021 AEROX is available in both regular and abs versions. In terms of instrumentation, the 2021 AEROX has a new meter design, with a T-shaped four-zone layout instead of the old red LCD meter with a wider shape, and the meter colour has been changed to blue. One of the highlights of this revision is the introduction of the Y-Connect function on the AEROX, which allows riders to connect to their bikes via the mobile app.

The Keyless system that was introduced in the previous generation is also retained, but generally speaking there will only be more and not less of it, so it will not be pulled out. The AEROX has a filling hole in the centre of the keel, but one of the main points of this revision is the increase in fuel tank capacity from 4.6L to 5.5L, an increase of almost a litre in capacity, which gives a significant increase in range.

The new design of the rear end is shorter and more compact than its predecessor, giving it a sporty feel. The rear shock, which was only available on the R version, is now standard on the 2021 AEROX, in both regular and ABS versions. 14″ cast wheels with the widest 140 tyre width in the class give the AEROX a more stable and sportier performance in the corners. Despite the slimness of the model, the compartment has a capacity of 25 litres and according to the official statement, a full-cover helmet can fit without any problem, although the loading capacity may vary depending on the shape and size of the hat, etc., so actual tests will be needed to find out.

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