What are Rules of the game: How to win Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game known around the world. Strategy, negotiation, cunning… All shots are allowed to win! Here are the rules to know for a family game.


To give them a starting edge, give them some extra money before they start the game.

Monopoly is a board game, just like the game of Taboo or the game of the goose for example. Before starting to play, set the board on a large enough space, such as a coffee table, and each choose a pawn. A player appoints himself as banker (he will lead the auctions and manage the money). If there are enough of you (at least 5), he can only act as banker. He must distribute to each participant:

  • 5 €1 bills (only available in monopoly!)
  • 1 €5 note
  • 2 tickets of 10 €
  • 1 note of 20 €
  • 1 note of 50 €
  • 4 banknotes of 100 €
  • 2 tickets of 500 €
  • = 1500€

Once you have chosen a token and have your money, take turns rolling the dice. Whoever gets the highest number starts the game.

Monopoly board squares

When it’s your turn, roll both dice and move around the board. Several options are available to you. You come across:

  • A property that is not bought , you can acquire it. But if you don’t want it, it will be automatically auctioned by the banker and will therefore go to the highest bidder,
  • A property bought by one of your opponents , you must pay the rent indicated on the corresponding card according to the constructions made on the ground,
  • The “In prison” box , you are just visiting, nothing happens,
  • The “Departure” box , you receive double salary (2 x 200 €),
  • The “Chance” or “Community Chest” box , you draw a card from the corresponding pile and must follow the instructions on it before putting it back face down under the pile,
  • The “Free park” box or one of your properties , nothing happens,
  • The taxes box, you must pay the bank the amount indicated on the box.

“Go straight to jail!” »

You can go to jail if you land on the card indicating it or if you land on the “Go directly to jail” box, but not only. Indeed, if you make a double, you can play a second time. But if you roll the dice a third time and it’s a double again, then you go directly to jail without receiving any salary, even if you go through square one. It will be up to the next player to roll the dice. To get out of prison, you will have to either:

  • Pay the deposit of 50 €,
  • Use the “You are released from prison” chance card, which you can buy from an opponent,
  • Make a double with the dice,
  • Wait 3 rounds, each time trying to make a double.

The different possible actions

When it’s not your turn, you can perform operations, even in prison. You have the possibility to:

  • Collect rent, if a player stops on one of your properties,
  • Build houses or hotels, if you have all the properties of the same color (4 houses maximum and you can then exchange them for a hotel). The constructions must be uniform (no second house on a plot if the other plots do not already have one). These constructions will increase the rent that players will have to pay when they drop onto your property. But be careful: you cannot build on mortgaged land.
  • Sell ​​your properties, to your opponents if both parties agree, provided they are without a house or hotel,

If a player has no more money, he can find an arrangement, either by selling his properties/buildings, or by mortgaging them. If he still has no money after these operations, then he is eliminated from the game.  

To win at Monopoly

As its name suggests, the goal of the game is to have the monopoly of the game: that is to say, to acquire all the real estate properties on the board or to become the richest or even to be the last player not to have gone bankrupt.

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