How to calculate your IQ

How to measure the IQ

Let’s start by saying what the Intellectual Quotient , also called IQ, represents the intellectual capacity of a subject, this is therefore linked to a series of potentials that one possesses. The main parameters that influence IQ are associated with heredity, environment and personal and family members predisposition.

In the school environment it is of fundamental importance to be acquainted with the IQ of a pupil, especially in the case of children with specific learning disabilities or with special educational needs .

Test to measure IQ

There are several tests that can be carried out to understand what your IQ is, these can also be carried out online independently. In fact, there are specific websites that propose a series of questions that calculate the IQ value.

Naturally, psychologists and neuropsychiatrists can certify a person’s IQ as they are qualified to do so through specific and well-established protocols.

But let’s see how the tests that measure the intelligence quotient work . These are free tests that can be performed by everyone anonymously and with a good level of reliability.

The online site with which we tried the test is available. On the home page there is a button that says “Start test” and from here we start, towards a path with 25 questions.

We start with some figures where you need to find the exact match. The difficulty level seems to increase as you go towards the end.

An example of a test for calculating IQ is the one in the figure. After the test, the value of the IQ is provided.

We tried to do it again two more times and the test images were different.

How to read the value of IQ tests

In general we can indicate some values ​​within which the Intelligence Quotient assumes certain meanings which we list below:

  • less than 70: low IQ
  • 71 to 85: IQ below average
  • 86 to 115: average IQ
  • da 116 a 130: QI alto
  • 131 to 145: very high IQ
  • more than 145: very high IQ

So how do you know if a person is intelligent? We can say that a subject with an IQ above 95 certainly has no problems related to reasoning.

As can be seen from the table above, an IQ greater than 120 is certainly an indication of a very intelligent person . We have dealt with the case of young people with high cognitive potential by suggesting the preparation of a personalized teaching plan based on their needs, also because, since it is a potential, it is good to cultivate the aptitudes of the student immediately to lead him to obtain excellent results .

What is Albert Einstein ‘s IQ ? There are several theories on the actual value of the IQ of the well-known German scientist, the truth is that Einstein has never undergone any test to calculate the Intelligence Quotient so we are not able to associate a precise number, but many agree that this is certainly higher than 160 .

Is Albert Einstein‘s therefore the highest value of the IQ? Certainly a very high value but there are other people who have very significant IQ, such as.

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