What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud engineer?

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer? As most companies have shifted to server rooms and onsite data centers, cloud computing platforms have gained demand. With cloud marketing constantly evolving, it was difficult for every company to keep up with the new trends in cloud computing. This is where the demand for cloud computing professionals arises. Specifically for cloud engineers who perform the necessary roles and responsibilities to assist businesses or organizations in managing cloud platforms. Who are these cloud engineers? What are their roles and responsibilities? Are they capable of handling a vast cloud platform in the context of an organization’s work processes? Let’s explore the answer to these questions.

Who is a cloud engineer?

Cloud computing had observed the major shift from being a luxury to a necessity in recent years.  With such a dramatic shift, the demand for qualified personnel who are eligible to handle the migration process and can perform cloud-related tasks also rose. Here is where cloud engineers come in.

A cloud engineer is one who can easily manage the technical workload related to cloud computing. This workload includes activities such as managing, planning, architecting, and monitoring cloud systems. Also, it includes the steps taken to implement the best practices that are used to deploy an application on the cloud.

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Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is responsible for managing a good number of technological responsibilities that fall under cloud computing. A cloud engineer will handle the following responsibilities.

  • Handling the maintenance and support
  • Management
  • Planning, designing, and development of an application on the cloud.

Role of a cloud engineer

The role played by a cloud engineer varies depending upon the industrial vertical, and it is ready to serve. Being a cloud engineer will require professionals to explore different qualities of a variety of job roles. A cloud engineer had to perform several roles and responsibilities, owing different titles such as “solutions architect,” cloud developer,” and “SysOps engineer.”

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Roles played by a cloud engineer as a solution architect

Following are the responsibilities shared by a cloud engineer as a solution architect:

  • Designing and deployment of applications in the cloud
  • Identifying and using cloud services to support cloud applications.
  • Helps in migrating on-premise applications to the cloud.
  • Maintaining and implementing cloud services and using cost-saving strategies.

Roles played by a cloud engineer as a cloud developer

Following are the responsibilities undertaken by a cloud engineer:

  • Identifying the best practices of cloud architecture that support the applications.
  • Writing codes for server-less applications using programming languages.
  • Initializing the automation of different parts in the development process
  • Gaining a complete understanding of the application life cycle.

Roles played by a cloud engineer as a SysOps engineer

Here are the responsibilities shared by cloud engineers:

  • Identifying the bottlenecks in the performance of an application.
  • Pencil down a strategy that can compensate for downtime or failure scenarios.
  • maintaining data integrity through proper access control
  • Management of network-related workloads using firewalls.

The demand for cloud engineers is continuing to rise, and aspirants should skill themselves to be a part of this growing cloud computing world.

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