What are the Career Opportunities in VMware?

VMware is largely known for its virtualization software. This software processes through an abstract layer that is created over the computer hardware. This allows the computer hardware to regain a place in the virtual world, thereby allowing the users to access the computers through that virtual platform from anywhere. With the help of virtualization, an efficient use of computer hardware and a better return on hardware investment can be expected. In short, VMware helps private and public cloud providers to serve more users without changing their physical computer hardware.

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Since VMware is widely known for its virtualization products and solutions that assist businesses and industries worldwide, the VMware certifications have equal importance in the IT world. Businesses and industries are calling for professionals who are VMware certified and know how to deploy, manage, and support VMware products and solutions. Once a candidate gets certified by VMware, he seems to have the validated skill set and knowledge that allows him to process it on VMware products and solutions.

What are the different VMware certifications?

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Aspirants can take up different VMware certifications that are generally divided into two virtualization areas: datacenter virtualization and desktop virtualization. Under both the heads, there are different certifications that a candidate can choose based on his field of interest and experience undergone by now. The different certification lists are as follows.

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VMware data centre virtualization certifications

  • VCP stands for VMware certified professional.
  • VCAP stands for VMware certified advanced professional.
  • VMware certified design expert (VCDX)

VMware Desktop Virtualization certifications

  • VCA-DT stands for VMware certified associate.
  • VCP-DT stands for VMware certified professional.
  • VMware certified advanced professional (VCAP-DT)

What are the benefits of taking the VMware certifications?

Taking the VMware certification allows the individual to:

  • Explore multiple career opportunities with the top companies that are running on different virtualization technologies.
  • He will receive recognition of his knowledge and skills that he gained during the certification.
  • Enjoy recognition as the ‘VMware certified professional’ mark on business cards and websites to attract new business deals.
  • Explore great growth opportunities as certification leads to real-time working experience with the leaders in the IT world.

The certification in VMware allows the individual to have an in-depth understanding of various subjects. In today’s employment era, having a certification allows the individual to receive great recognition for what he has achieved so far in terms of knowledge and skill. These days, having a certification means having an added advantage.

What is the career scope in VMware?

As previously stated, those who are certified in VMware technologies will be able to pursue a variety of career opportunities. Many top companies are looking for VMware certified professionals who own the required set of knowledge to install, deploy, manage, and support the VMware solutions. Certified professionals are always in demand. This certification deal is for those who are working in the IT sector in different positions and profiles, such as:

  • System Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Verification Engineers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Service Providers
  • Network operators

Holding a VMware certification means the candidate is able to work on the latest virtualization and cloud technologies. To stay competitive in the market, it’s always better to stay updated on the latest skill set.

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