You can plan your trip with the help of Holiday Coaches.

Do your elderly and handicapped clients enjoy door-to-door holidays?

Traveling with a disability can be difficult. OurCoach Holidays can help make your travel experience as easy as possible. Our holiday is wheelchair accessible and can be taken along by your loved ones. Accessibility coaches are available to transport you to various places in the UK coaches holidays

It is easier to access coaches with a few lifts. You can also use designated areas for wheelchairs. The drivers can assist and educate people with disabilities.

If you contact us, we can help you find pick-up locations and other details that will make your trip more enjoyable. We want to make traveling easier for seniors and disabled travellers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants.

What happens if I require additional assistance while traveling door to door with disabled travelers?

It is easy to locate our pick-up points thanks to the people who have joined forces with us. Accessible taxis for those with disabilities are easily available.

We offer companionship and transportation for seniors, young adults with Autism, and people with disabilities.


* Transportation from your home to the pick-up point for coaches or airport pickup points.

* organizing and accompanying people at social events. Friends are always welcome!

* Shopping assistance, especially for multiple stops

* Special needs clients can be assisted

Transporting children safely to and from school, activities

* Participation in family events

* Organizing alternative travel options and airports

Are there international holiday-to–door trips available for the elderly or disabled?

Passengers will have the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations throughout Europe and beyond from the terminal. We will guarantee that you fly on the exact same plane, even if we are unable to schedule your flights. Our Travel’s Support team is available to help you with baggage and assistance during your trip.

You can ask for assistance in the terminal. For people with disabilities, the assistance is available. These services are helpful for people with disabilities who need assistance in navigating airports and boarding the plane on time. We can assist you in traveling to stunning destinations like Sicily, Cyprus, or Costa del Sol.

Does your service provide assistance for the handicapped?

There are many holiday care packages that can be tailored to accommodate disabled people. No matter what your need is, our staff can help.

All of our door-to-door holidays for disabled people include group support. Our professionals will be there to assist you throughout your holiday as well as when you return home. Our will always be there to help you.

Our Travel provides door-to-door vacation for seniors.

It’s easy to book wheelchair-accessible holidays with Our Travel. Talk to one of our travel experts by calling us. They will help you choose the right time and let you know if you need mobility aids. Then you can enjoy your trip. We hope to see you on one of our most thrilling trips.

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