Sammy EMR

Sammy EMR Leading Medical Records Software for Small and Large Practices

Sammy EMR, a physician-friendly electronic medical record software, features a customizable dashboard. You can view your top priorities and track patients who require prescription refills. The system allows you to send prescriptions directly into pharmacies and checks for errors before sending them. It also allows you to schedule appointments.

High-grade security

Sammy EMR allows you to securely store and manage patient data online. It can also be used by your practice to manage patient communication and charting. HIPAA regulations apply to all healthcare providers, clearinghouses and medical plans. Failure to comply can lead to severe fines or an investigation by HHS.

The Sammy EMR includes a patient portal which allows patients to access their records, see their doctor’s appointments and view lab results. This allows your patients to be more involved in their care and decrease no-show rates. Sammy EHR offers high-grade security, and users can access reports remotely without worrying about security breaches.

Sammy EHR, a powerful EHR designed specifically for podiatry practice, is an excellent choice. The flexible design of the Sammy EHR makes it easy-to-use and provides powerful clinical decision-making capabilities. It can analyze data from many sources and make recommendations based upon clinical standards.

Access to patient data

Sammy EMR, a complete patient-centric medical records solution, offers many features. An online portal allows patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments and make payments. This helps patients engage by reducing latecomers and no-shows. It can also help doctors. The patient portal provides detailed reports about patient health, prescriptions and medical history. Patients can also connect to their doctors and request refills.

Sammy EMR was created to assist doctors in managing patient data. It is HIPAA compliant which means your patients’ privacy will be protected. Secure messaging between patients and doctors is possible through the software. The software can also store images. The software allows doctors to upload images directly to patient charts. Patients can also use the portal online to request refills or lab results.

Sammy EHR lets you store all your patient data in one database. You can also import and export information as needed. It is easy to share information with other patients through the patient portal, which increases patient engagement and decreases no-show rates. Online access to lab results can be made possible by patients. This can help speed up the work at the office.

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Reducing errors in claims

Sammy EMR software is designed to help hospitals and doctors manage patient claims and data. It provides a list of medications available and the appropriate dosages. Simply enter the patient’s dosage, delivery method and frequency. This system will reduce errors and increase productivity.

This initiative is designed to reduce the number of medical errors in hospitals and health care facilities. It covers technology support, contracting, and nurse training. While some parts of the initiative are already in place, others are still being developed. Many hospitals are making progress in improving patient safety. This includes the implementation of computerized order entry systems.

Sammy EMR mimics the response of healthy humans to over 70 medications. If a patient doesn’t get enough oxygen, their heartbeat may increase. The same goes for patients who are not getting enough oxygen. Their blood pressure will rise. This realistic behavior helps doctors spot errors.

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Helps schedule appointments

Sammy EMR includes a patient portal. This allows patients to view their health records and make appointments from their own homes. Patients can schedule appointments in advance, which allows doctors to reduce latecomers and no-shows. It also increases patient engagement. Online access is also available for patients to view their lab results, prescriptions and medical history.

Sammy EHR software conforms to HIPAA. The software includes a range of features that can be used to manage your practice, such as automated payment posting, patient portals and claim submission. This software allows practitioners to view patient medical histories and lab reports, and keeps track of all data gathered.

HIPAA compliant, the software allows users to attach images and documents to patient charts or fax reports. Voice recognition is also available, which reduces transcription errors and improves job efficiency. The software can be used on a desktop or mobile computer. Sammy EMR includes a free trial so that you can test it out before you purchase the program.

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