How to make in-game purchases for free (jailbreak, video)

How to make in-game purchases for free (jailbreak, video)

How to make in-game purchases for free (jailbreak, video)

Many people know that jailbreaking is not limited to making tweaks, extensions, and adding new features to iOS. Jailbreaking is all about piracy, unlicensed games, and music. Everyone decides for himself why to jailbreak an operating system and what to do with it afterward.

We have already talked about how to access a database of paid applications for free, download them directly from the App Store or download music from iTunes for free. Game and app developers have started to fight piracy in a rather original way. They started releasing apps based on the Freemium model.

The software itself is free, but you have to pay for the content it contains. What was intended to be a fight against unlicensed software has become a very successful model for creating games and applications.

However, jailbreaking also has an answer here: a Cydia extension called LocalIAPStore allows you to skip the online purchase procedure and do it for free. After installing the tweak, all you have to do is activate it in the options menu. After that, when you try to make any purchase within a program or game, you will see the usual window to enter your Apple ID password. Just press the “Cancel” button and the purchase will be made without spending any money.

LocalIAPStore works not in all applications. Sophisticated ways to protect in-game purchases can block the action of the tweak. Also, it is not possible to make in-game purchases in online-only apps. Your data is not stored on the device, but on the server, and the tweak is useless here. Sometimes another Cydia tweak can help hack a specific metric in a game.

Caveat. We do not support piracy and we are in favor of obtaining licensed content. This service is distributed for evaluation purposes only.

Download LocalIAPStore freely available in the HackYouriPhone repository.

How to Jailbreak PS4 (PlayStation 4) Game Console

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is a video game console from Sony with an accelerated processing unit from AMD. Over the years, it has been updated with various features. There is a certain restriction on installing new games, or games need to be purchased at a higher price. It is necessary to jailbreak the PlayStation for further customization and to get the updates easily. Let’s see how to jailbreak PlayStation 4 (PS4).

There are three variants in the PS4: Original, Slim, and Pro. All these three PlayStation consoles can be jailbroken with the criteria of the firmware version. With that, you can add new games, mods, and cheats to the PlayStation for effective use.

Steps to Jailbreak PS4

The jailbreak procedure is very simple, you need to check the firmware version, download the jailbreak file and update the PS4 software.

Check and update PS4 firmware

(1). Start PlayStation 4 and go to home screen n.

(two). Select Settings from the menu.

(3). Scroll down and click on System in the Settings.

(4). Choose System Information and check System Software. If it’s 7.55 or less, you can jailbreak PS4.

(5). Update the firmware to 7.55 if your PS4 is on the lowest version. It is recommended to update the PS4 via USB to get the correct firmware (7.55) so you can jailbreak it.

(6). Download firmware 7.55 online to your PC and copy it to the USB stick. Make sure the Pendrive is in FAT32 format.

(7). Connect the USB flash drive to the PlayStation 4 and proceed to the system software update.

(8). Check the firmware version and tap Next to update the firmware. The PS4 will reboot and install the updated firmware.

Techowns Tip: Steps to jailbreak PS3 (PlayStation 3).

Network settings and jailbreak

(1). Go back to Settings and click on System. Select Automatic Downloads and uncheck all the boxes to prevent automatic firmware updates

(two). Click Network under Settings and select Setup an Internet connection. Choose the type of Internet connection.

(3). Tap Custom and click Automatic under the IP address. Select Do not specify and click Manual under DNS Settings.

(4). Configure Primary DNS ( and Secondary DNS ( Click Next and select Automatic under MTU Settings.

(5). Choose Do not use in the proxy server and it will complete the update of the Internet settings.

(6). Go to User Guide / Help Information in Settings and click User Guide. Shows the site based on the IP address.

(7). Choose the PS4 update version and click Disable Updates to remove updates in the future.

(8). Clear browsing history, and bookmarks and select Settings. Click Clear Cookies and tap Clear Website Data to clear all memory.

(9). Select Mira Payload to run and restart the PlayStation to jailbreak. Now PS4 is jailbroken and you can install new games via Package Installer.

PlayStation PS4 can be jailbroken with the above steps. If you experience any issues or the PS4 screen freezes during this process, you should restart the PlayStation and proceed from the beginning. Jailbreaking refers to destroying the warranty of the game console and therefore it is the user’s responsibility to think twice before jailbreaking the device.

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