Everything You Need To Know About Sequestering Agents

Sequestering agents are widely used at different stages and for varying purpose in textile manufacturing process. They are used to remove metal ion impurities from fibres, reducing hardness of water, stabilizing rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, improving washing off performance after Reactive dyeing and as coagulating agent during effluent treatment. Hard water containingalkali earth metal ions like calcium, magnesium, and heavy metal ions like iron get ionically bound and for a complex with the sequestering agent so tightly that they are unable to react and affect the textile processing.

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What is a Sequestering Agent?

A sequestering agent is an organic substance that has the ability to connect metal ions or molecules together to form complex structures that resemble rings and are referred to as chelates. A chelating agent and a sequestering agent are not the same things, despite their similarities.

These chemicals are used to connect unwanted metal ions together to create a stable structure that does not easily disintegrate. This structure can then be employed in a variety of applications. Because of this binding property, the capacity of the metal ions to react with other ions, clays, or polymers is reduced.

It is a typical practice in the field of water treatment to make use of sequestering compounds to form a stable complex with metallic hardeners and thereby soften the water. When they encounter calcium, magnesium, and other heavy metal ions found in hard water, they form molecules in which the ions are trapped (sequestered) so tightly that they are unable to undergo any further chemical reactions.

The following are the primary categories of commercial sequestering agents:

  • Aminocarboxylic acid base products
  • Phosphates and phosphonates
  • Hydroxy carboxylates
  • Polyacrylates
  • Sugar acrylates

The Application of Sequestering Agents in the Cleaning and Water Treatment Processes

Regrettably, calcium and other ions found in hard water quickly interact with the surfactants found in detergents, which reduces the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Polyphosphate is used to bind soluble iron atoms that remain in settled water after chlorination or that leach from iron pipes during the distribution of water. These iron atoms can exist in either ionic or molecular forms.

How Are Cosmo Speciality Chemicals’ Sequestering Agent Superior?

There are many companies supplying sequestering agents and auxiliaries used for textile processing. However, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals only manufactures eco-friendly chemicals and textile auxiliaries. The brand believes in manufacturing products that are kind to the environment.

Sequestering agents manufactured by Cosmo are designed to sequester metallic components from water. These components, if left untreated, have the potential to influence the performance of the fabric. sequestering agent produced by Cosmo helps in preserving the characteristics of the fabric during many phases of wet processing.

Why Should You Opt for the Sequestering Agent Produced by Cosmo Specialty Chemicals?

There are several reasons you should opt for Sequestering Agent Produced by Cosmo Specialty Chemicals; here are some of them:

Highly Compatible: Agents produced by Cosmo are highly compatible with water treatment processes. They help greatly during the production of textiles by softening the water that influences the performance of the fabric.

Prevent Formation of New Ions: Agents designed by Cosmo are capable of separating undesired metallic ions from the rest of the fabric’s ions so that they don’t interact with each other. This, in turn, prevents the formation of new ions.

Retains Color: More often than not, poor quality agents affect the color and texture of the fabric during textile processing. However, that’s not the case with the sequestering agents produced by Cosmo. These chemicals help retain the color of the fabric and make it look vibrant.

Increase Cleaning Efficiency: Sequestering chemicals are used to cure water discoloration, stains, and scale. These agents work by binding the metallic ions, which leads to an increase in the fabric’s overall cleaning efficiency.

Remove Hardness of Water: Besidescomplexing heavy metals from water, these agents reduces the hardness of the water.

Eco-Friendly Products: Cosmo Specialty Chemicals focuses on developing eco-friendly and effective sequestering agents to promote sustainability in the textile processing industry.

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So, this is all about Sequestering Agents. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you and will help you make an informed decision while buying a sequestering agent for textile processing.

Make sure to buy the highest-quality eco-friendly product so that you can retain both the color and fastness of the fabric along with the safer environment.

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