Exciting Things to do in Amsterdam

Are you searching for some exciting things in the city of Amsterdam? Come to Amsterdam which is drenched with Dutch locals, superb museums, the latest art galleries, coffee shops, festivals, and a bustling nightlife.

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  1. Take a canal cruise

When you are in the city, the first thing to do is to hop into the “Venice of the North”. The city has a total of 165 canals stretching approximately 31 miles. Also, the city has consisted mostly of swampland. However, the marshes were systematically drained and made way for construction, leaving islands surrounded by canals. Canal Cruises is one of the best ways to discover the city. Enjoy daytime cruises that are great for families, while nighttime cruises offer dinner on board.

At this place, you all can enjoy the 7th Annual Amsterdam Light Festival, with lots of light artworks designed especially for Amsterdam by artists from around the world with Tap Airlines Tickets.

2. visit the famous Dam Square

This Dam Square is one of the most well-known and prominent locations in Amsterdam. This site is filled with notable buildings. Known for its frequent events throughout the year. This place regardless of the season is crowded with tourists and locals alike. Here, you will find food stalls, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping, most importantly Amsterdam Diamond Centre.

Have a tour of Amsterdam’s largest department store, De Bijenkorf, and the trendy Magna Plaza with Tap Portugal Airlines Booking.

3. go to the Rijksmuseum and the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign

Watch this Dutch national museum that is dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The famous Rijksmuseum first opened its doors in 1800 in The Hague. This museum however got moved to Amsterdam in 1808.

When you come here, watch the famous artworks at Rijksmuseum that include Adriaen Thomasz Key’s William of Orange, and Bartholomeus van der Helst’s 1648 Treaty of Munster with Tap Portugal Airlines Flight Tickets!

4. Sightsee some of the world’s finest art at Van Gogh Museum

Visit the Van Gogh Museum where you will find the queues wrapping around the building daily. This museum is one of Amsterdam’s leading attractions. Spend time exploring the world’s largest collection of works by the renowned Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. 

5. go for renting a bike and cycle through the city

If you are fond of cycling, then you must arrive at this site where you can rent a bike. This is the first thing you’ll surely notice is its abundance of bicycles. This city is one of the world’s most significant cycling cities. There are about 850,000 residents and 847,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. In addition, there are many bikes as it does humans. In other words, each household contains 1.91 bicycles, and 78% of people 12 and under own at least one bike.

Above are the most exciting things which you can do in Amsterdam. Book TAP Air Portugal Economy Class to hop into Amsterdam for this vacation!

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