Factors That Directly Affect Your Family Medical Insurance

Healthcare is one of the most expensive services that people have to pay for. Having proper health insurance will help bridge the rising medical expenditures in a prudent manner. Though some people may feel that they don’t need medical insurance, that is not always the case. Everyone, at one point or the other in life, needs proper health insurance or a Mediclaim policy. What matters is the type and amount of medical insurance you opt for. Just like any other type of insurance, a Mediclaim policy for family can be very beneficial to you and your family during a time of distress. 

When you file a claim on your Mediclaim policy for family, the insurance provider usually processes the claim fair and quickly. It is designed to cover the costs of medical expenses of all your family members. 

Here are many factors that you need to take into account when making this decision, including your location, age, and health history.  Go for the health insurance for family that allows you to add family members without any difficulty. Some other features that you can seek in a perfect family insurance plan are listed below.

Here is a list of a few main factors which one should consider before buying medical insurance or a Mediclaim policy:

  1. Age:

It comes as no wonder that age is one of the most vital factors in how much premium you are charged. The younger you are, the lesser premium you will be asked to pay. People who are in their 20s and 30s are susceptible to fewer health conditions as compared to middle-aged or elderly people and are much less likely to require medical assistance and coverage. Henceforth, it is recommended to buy a Mediclaim policy with good coverage when you are younger.

  1. Medical History:

Generally, if you possess a family heredity history of certain illnesses like cancer, blood pressure, or a heart condition, you’re more probable to need medical care in the future for the same. Hence, individuals with a medical family history of similar conditions can opt for specific plans and schemes like the cancer Mediclaim policy that would be of great benefit in the future. This applies the same to the persons who are with Pre-existing health conditions before buying the insurance. Having, a Mediclaim policy for family will help cover the hospital expenses, in such cases.

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI):

Another important factor that affects your health insurance price is Obesity. Obesity is classified as a disease where excess body weight is accompanied by health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes. People who have a higher BMI often require more care from their doctors than those with a normal weight. For example, people with a BMI of 30 or higher are three times as likely as those with a normal weight to require surgery for conditions such as joint pain or obesity-related skin conditions.

A Mediclaim policy for family can help cover some of these costs. Family Medical Insurance can help to pay for medical costs not covered by hospitalizations and surgeries related to obesity. Additionally, the Mediclaim policy can help to cover the costs of medications and treatments that are necessary to manage obesity-related conditions.

  1. Chain Smoker:

If you have a habit of smoking regularly then you have a high possibility of that habit affecting your family’s medical insurance. Since your smoking habit puts you at an increased risk for developing chronic diseases, the cost of your Mediclaim policy for your family might be a little high. Smoking is correlated with a number of health conditions. These conditions include cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and bronchitis. Many of these diseases can be expensive to treat and can result in long-term costs. 

  1. High-stress Jobs:

People who are employed in demanding jobs tend to experience more stress compared to others. This often puts them at a higher risk for developing health problems, including medical conditions that can be exacerbated by stress. If you are someone who falls under this category, then for sure this condition can affect your Mediclaim policy. A family insurance plan that offers a wide coverage including bariatric surgeries, maternity costs, coverage for newborns, coverage for AYUSH treatments, etc. will prove to be sufficient on most occasions.

A recent study highlighted the importance of family medical insurance for people with high-stress jobs as the profession plays a major role in health conditions. So, make sure you have a proper Mediclaim policy for family for adequate coverage.

  1. Geographical location:

The majority of the health insurance providers calculate your family health insurance premium rate based on the geographical locations that you live in. (e.g., areas that are prone to weather conditions, areas that are more vulnerable to health threats, and areas that are afflicted by poverty etc.) The residence and the area in which a person lives may also affect the rate of premium that a person will be required to pay. Some zip codes request a higher percentage of premium Mediclaim policy while others don’t.

A Mediclaim policy for family can be very beneficial to managing your family’s medical expenses. It is important to research the different types of family medical insurance available to find a reliable insurance company. You can always choose the best family health insurance plans like Bajaj Allianz family floater, Aditya Birla family plan, etc. Check it out today!


A perfect family health insurance will provide a coverage as huge as Rs. 50,00,000 for the treatment of your family members. Or else, the coverage should at least be enough to take care of the medical expenses of all the members of your family.

There are many factors that determine the premium of a family mediclaim policy. The first factor is the number of members in the family. The second factor is the age of each member and the third factor is their pre-existing medical conditions.

The premium for a family mediclaim policy increases as more members are added to it. This increase in cost is due to the increased risk associated with an increased number of people in a family, who are more likely to be affected by an illness or accident, which then leads to higher medical expenses.

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