What is a law firm?

A  law firm , also known as a law firm or law firm. Many people require your services. People who already know that the economic activity of law firms consists of providing these services.

What services does a law firm offer?

‘Normally at the law firm we cover the following activities’

  • Gather information on the cases they deal with.
  • Study and analysis of laws that can be applied to their cases.
  • Collect data on the jurisprudence that should be known or may be useful.
  • Defend the client’s positions in court.
  • Review and draft various legal and other documents , such as contracts.
  • Represent clients in proceedings and hearings.
  • Explain to clients in a reasonable, clear and precise manner the legal concepts that are complex for them.
  • Ensure that the processing of their cases are carried out in a timely manner.

Difference between office and law firm

The main difference between an office and a law firm is its volume. A  law firm is structured as a single work unit . A company with a common work space to which all its members belong.

However, a law firm is a broader organization. It presents a central structure from which they are divided into substructures. An office will receive all its clients in the same organization. But a firm will be able to serve them at any of its sub-offices. You may even be present in different territories (some of them international). In addition, it has the possibility of dedicating resources to specific areas. It will offer, in these cases, those known as law boutiques.


 Requirements to practice as a lawyer

Membership in a Bar Association is mandatory to practice law in Spain. By joining a single Bar Association you can practice the profession throughout Spain. These are the requirements for membership:

  • Be of legal age and have the Spanish nationality or of any Member State of the European Union or the agreement on the European Economic Area of ​​May 2, 1992, except as provided in international treaties or conventions or legal waiver.
  • Possess a law degree or graduate degree in Law or approved foreign titles.
  • Lack of criminal record that disqualifies for the practice of law.
  • Not be involved in a cause of incapacity, incompatibility or prohibition to practice law.
  • Satisfy the entrance fee and other fees established by the Bar Association. Incorporation as a practitioner will also require admission to the Mutualidad General de la Abogacía, Mutualidad de Previsión Social with a fixed premium or, where appropriate, the corresponding Social Security Regime.
  • Only the practicing collegiate is considered a lawyer.

Educational Connections with What is a Law Firm

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