Kanye West reveals his net worth once and for all

Kanye West is the richest black man in America.

Kanye West settled in Wyoming in 2017, where he recorded his solo albums Ye and Jesus Is King , as well as Pusha T’s DAYTONA, Nas’s NASIR, Teyana Taylor’s KTSE, and his Kids See Ghosts collaboration with Kid Cudi. The Chicago rap icon certainly felt right at home in Cowboy State, buying two giant ranches along with an array of expensive vehicles suited to the mountainous terrain.

Five years and an ongoing divorce later, however, Kanye is slowly selling off his Wyoming assets one by one — and his latest sale has made him an even richer man thanks to a famous TV duo. According to TMZ, visionary Yeezy sold his Ripsaw EV2 combat vehicle to David “Heavy D” Sparks and David “Diesel Dave” Kiley, stars of Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers series. Kanye originally purchased the vehicle for $500,000, though it’s unclear how much Sparks and Kiley paid for it. However, Sparks says Ye “gave them a good deal”.

Either way, the sale further bolsters Kanye West’s considerable net worth, which he valued at $10 billion in a recent interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. Last year, Forbes contested Kanye’s $6.6 billion claim, estimating his net worth at more than $1.8 billion.

In case you didn’t know, the Ripsaw EV2 is a luxury super tank with a fully armored body, gull-wing doors and a 600 horsepower engine that can reach speeds of over 100 km/h. The stunning machine was featured in Kanye’s “Closed On Sunday” music video as well as his 2020 GQ cover.

According to Sparks, the Diesel Brothers started a relationship with Kanye West a few years ago when his team asked them to customize their trucks, but their schedules never aligned. Then, in October, Kanye’s team reached out again offering them his Ripsaw EV2. Given the fact that the wait time for one is usually around three years, the duo “hurried to his ranch in Wyoming to pick him up.”

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