Jimny press test drive: off-road capability is amazing! But there are many drawbacks

Since its release in Japan, the Suzuki Jimny has been making waves in markets around the world, and certainly in Taiwan, where it is no longer available. But that doesn’t stop people from expecting the Jimny to be a cheap car after all since the Harga Suzuki Jimny is decent for car lovers!

The previous generation of the Jimny dates back to 1998, and its 20-year lifespan shows how much the Jimny is loved, not for its speed, not for its handsomeness, but for its individuality. With its trapezoidal chassis, long suspension, four-wheel drive and low-speed gearbox, the Jimny is a car for off-road use!

WhatCar reviews praise the Jimny’s terrain-crossing ability, saying that it can go anywhere the driver wants to go, but if you’re expecting the same kind of performance as other small Crossover models, you’ll probably be disappointed. Not only is it underpowered on the motorway, but the noise is annoying and the steering is very vague and rolls quite badly, all of which are serious shortcomings of the Jimny.

The interior of the car also leaves much to be desired. It may look stylish in photos, but when WhatCar encountered it, it felt very plastic and, simply put, cheap. The company’s main focus was on the development of a new model of car, which would have been a real disappointment.

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