prison is a place where prisoners are locked up. This institution, also known as a prison, is part of the justice system and receives people who have been convicted of a crime.

For example: “Three criminals escaped from prison due to an oversight of the guards”, “The businessman assured that he will do everything in his power to avoid ending up in prison”, and “The boxer left prison after four years and three months of confinement”.

The existence of prisons is due to various reasons, which have been changing throughout history. It is generally understood that a prison makes it possible to protect society from dangerous individuals and, at the same time, to re-educate detainees so that they can re-enter the community. But it can also have a deterrent effect on those planning to commit a crime, as it reminds them that if justice is done they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

When a person is confined to a prison, he suffers the suspension of his right to freedom, since the prison prevents him from being able to move. However, other rights (such as property and security ) must be maintained despite the prisoner’s imprisonment.

The concept of prison is also used to name anything that physically stops: “The wheelchair is my prison”, “The collapse blocked the exit and turned the mine into a prison”.

Finally, prison can be a mental or sentimental tie: “I can’t escape the prison of being in love with her”, “My concern for Juana’s health is a prison from which I cannot escape for a minute”.

Here are some of the most dangerous prisons in the world:

Bang Kwang, in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a site that combines in a curious and morbid way the abuse of power and tourism. In this maximum-security prison, in which most inmates spend much of their lives strapped to their beds without receiving the medical care they may need, the government allows tourists a day of questionable recreation in exchange for money.

As if all this were not enough, those sentenced to death receive notice of their execution within only two hours of time;

La Sante , in Paris, France. It is the only prison in the city of love and its construction dates back to 1867. At the beginning of this millennium, the head of the institution’s body of surgeons, Véronique Vasseur, denounced the terrible conditions in which the inmates lived, such as the total lack of asepsis and sexual abuse by security officers. Her statements by her were included in a book of her authorship by her, but they do not seem to have had a great impact;

La Sabaneta , in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Each of the three zones that make up this prison (Penal, Reeducation and Maximum) have a “prisoner commander”, who assumes a particular leadership role, considering that he is deprived of his liberty from him. Reaching this position of power, however, comes at a very high price, as it is the cause of numerous confrontations in which victims of blows and stab attacks are not spared. The Reeducation area has a series of amenities such as a swimming pool and a gym, which makes it the most coveted by all inmates;

Field 1391, in Israel. This prison is not officially recognized by the country, and its residents must endure all kinds of humiliations and violations, in addition to not knowing when they will regain their freedom. The Red Cross is prohibited from entering and, given his supposed anonymity, no information about his geographical location is provided, although it is known that he is near Tel Aviv.

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