The new 2022 GPX Legend 250 Twin III – front and rear plated steel wire wheel frames and more plated parts

AutoFun–The first GPX Legend 250 Twin, launched in 2020, is an evolution of the single-cylinder GPX LEGEND 200 2023, the Legend 250 features a 234 c.c. oil-cooled four-stroke twin-cylinder engine. The benefits of the twin-cylinder engine are improved combustion efficiency, higher power at higher rpm and more stable and comfortable acceleration than the single-cylinder engine at medium to high rpm.

The first model, the 2020 Legend 250, has the CAFERACER cup steering, parallel terminal-mounted mirrors and front and rear pillar-mounted alloy wheel frames, with a more sloping seating position like a vintage CAFERACER. The second version of the 2021 Legend 250 Twin2 has been slightly altered by adopting the standard design of a taller handlebar with an increased handlebar base, and the rear mirror is mounted on the steering wheel like a street bike, making the seat more aerodynamic and comfortable.

This year, the 2022 GPX Legend 250 Twin 3 also features the same high increasing handlebar design as the second model, but with more vintage steel wire plated front and rear wheel frames, increasing handlebars, front and rear sand plates, passenger armrests, round mirrors and chain hem etc… The front forks, YSS rear shock nitrous cylinders and front and rear brake calipers are all gold in colour, making the bodywork even brighter. In fact, it is more or less the same as the 2022 GPX Legend 250 Twin III and the earlier 2022 Legend 250 Brighton Limited Edition, except that the Brighton has a more distinctive paintwork and is produced in limited numbers. It also has an increasing number of handlebars, front and rear sand panels, passenger armrests, round mirrors and chain hem, etc… The same electroplated parts are also used.

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