How much does President Gabriel Boric earn:

How much does President Gabriel Boric earn:

How much does President Gabriel Boric earn: these are the salaries of the authorities of La Moneda

One of the great myths has always revolved around how much the president of the Republic of Chile earns monthly.

During this week, the salaries received by President Gabriel Boric Font, ministers, and undersecretaries were announced. In the surrender, it was noted that it is not the president who receives the highest salary in La Moneda, so in AS we invite you to know how much many of his collaborators receive.

How much does President Gabriel Boric earn?

The salary that President Gabriel Boric receives for his position is 7 million 634 thousand 385 Chilean pesos. Despite being the highest authority in the country, he is not the highest earner among those who work at La Moneda .

What are the salaries of the authorities of La Moneda?

– Matías Cox (executive secretary of the Constitutional Convention): 7,908,794

– Macarena Lobos (Undersecretary General of the Presidency): 7,742,660

– Manuel Monsalve (Undersecretaries of the Interior): 7,742,658.

– Valeska Naranjo (General Secretariat of the Government): 7,742,658.

– Luz Vidal (Undersecretary for Women and Gender): 7,742,658.

– Izkia Siches (Minister of the Interior and Public Security): 7,012,388.

– Camila Vallejo (government spokesperson): 7,012,388.

– Antonia Orellana (Minister for Women and Gender): 7,012,388.

– Giorgio Jackson (Secretary General of the Presidency): 7,012,388

How much money does the president of each country earn?

The presidents of each country have the responsibility of directing and enforcing the laws in their territory, as well as ensuring the well-being of resources and citizens. Additionally, they have other functions.

The performance in the aforementioned activities is remunerated, therefore, the salary of these presidents varies in relation to the economy of the country they manage, the cost of living, the location in the world, and the currency under which they receive.

To clear up any doubts regarding this, continue reading the text.

How much do the presidents of the countries earn?

There are times when the salary of the presidents causes curiosity and much more the disparity that exists between them. Generally, the salaries of the presidents do not include representation expenses, since if they are added, it is possible that they double.

There are countries that have a fairly solid economy and the presidents get a good salary. However, the opposite is often the case in other countries where the presidential salary is extremely minimal.

The salaries of the presidents range somewhat like this, the president of Singapore with $147,000 per month, the presidents of Switzerland, Australia, the USA, and Germany earn between $36,000 and $30,000 per month.

Likewise, the salary of the presidents of Guatemala, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Chile, and Colombia is in the order of $19,300 and $10,233 per month. For their part, in Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, and China they are in the order of $9,240 to $716 per month.

What are the presidents who earn the most and least?

Globally, one can notice a large wage gap evidenced by inequality.

Currently, the highest paid president is Halimah Yacob of Singapore, at $147,000 per month. Next, Ignazio Cassis from Switzerland who earns $36,000 a month, Joe Biden from the United States, who earns $33,333 a month plus $50,000 a year to cover personal expenses.

In that same order, it corresponds to Alejandro Giammattei from Guatemala who earns $19,300 per month. Continuing with Iván Duque from Colombia who earns $10,233 monthly. Then Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil who earns $4,760 monthly.

Those who earn the least are the presidents of Mexico with a monthly salary of $6,000, Alberto Fernández of Argentina set his salary at $5,700 and in Bolivia Luis Arce with a monthly salary of $3,500.

In the case of Argentina and Mexico, due to the fact that the pandemic affected the economy of these countries, their presidents decided to reduce the salary by almost up to 50%.

Presidents who make money

Who is the highest-paid president in the world?

Some people are curious about the salary that the different presidents of the world earn. These salaries, in some cases, tend to reach multimillion-dollar figures and in others, they are usually so low that they do not exceed the salary of a successful businessman.

The highest-paid president in the world is one from Singapore and his name is Halimah Yacob. That country pays its president $147,000 per month, which at the end of the year reaches an approximate sum of $2,000,000.

President who earns less in the world

In some countries the salaries of the presidents are very high, while in others they are usually quite low, experiencing a notable difference. Generally, the lowest salaries are found in Latin American countries.

The president with the lowest salary in the world is Luis Arce from Bolivia, who earns $3,500 a month.

The topic discussed above is very interesting because it invites us to reflect on the benefits offered by a solid economy and the impact it has on the presidents of each country.

On the other hand, obtaining a good income generates motivation in each of these presidents to better manage national resources and thus provide well-being to their inhabitants.

What do you think about the existing disparity in the salaries of the presidents of the world?

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