NetSmart Vs RXNT EHR: Top Features, Comparison and More

Netsmart is an American-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management Software (EMR). This software was specifically created for:

  • Doctors,
  • Nurses,
  • Case workers,
  • Administrators
  • Workers in public healthcare.

NetSmart EMR main functions include case management and operational management. It is used to track patient records and manage caseloads. Both therapists and practitioners find it extremely helpful. Netsmart is a cloud-based program that can be used to stay agile. For field users with a focus on behavioral health, it offers both windows and android implementations.

Netsmart provides a single integrated care model. All behavioral and mental health features can now be combined into one technology suite. This allows patients to be directed from entry to recovery. You can also use Netsmart EMR to manage administrative tasks like:

  • schedule management,
  • Order Management
  • You can access patient information through their dashboard
  • To protect your confidential information and ensure security
  • Respecting the recommendations made by Public Health Informatics Institutes
  • Clients can also access their claim management information through the financial service. All information regarding accounting, billing, as well as payers, are available.
  • Netsmart EMR features

Behavioral Healthcare Tools

People are more conscious of their mental and behavioral health needs. To supplement systems that are not working properly, the fully-featured Netsmart EMR behavioral products can be used. These behavioral health products have standard features like charting, coding, and notes. Advanced features include case coordination and psychiatric treatment.

Psychiatric Notes

Netsmart EHR software offers pre-formatted behavioral and psychiatric notes to assist patients in making better treatment decisions.

Case coordination

Netsmart EMR was designed to aid behavioral health professionals, especially case workers. It provides tools to help track clients, manage budgets, and provide important documentation.

Claims Processing

Netsmart’s claim processing feature makes it easy to process Medicare and Medicaid bills.

Outcome Tracking

It’s easy to track key outcomes like billing, scheduling, patient care, and more. Netsmart EMR software provides a comprehensive overview of your medical practice.

Easily Shareable Data

Netsmart allows you to easily transfer customer data from charts into behavioral healthcare software.

Netsmart EHR Pricing

The Netsmart EHR pricing plans cannot be made public by the vendor. For a customized pricing plan that suits your professional needs, visit the vendor website.

Demo Netsmart EMR

You can see the Netsmart EMR demo to get an idea of its functionality. A Netsmart EMR demonstration can be requested from the vendor by filling in a form.

Netsmart EHR Review

  • Netsmart has 49 reviews and is rated 3.4/5 star on G2. Netsmart EMR reviews are mostly positive. These are the top features, according to Netsmart EHR reviews:
  • It also provides an Android app to its users.
  • Netsmart offers 24/7 support via telephones and e-tickets.
  • Netsmart provides home-care-oriented EHRs.
  • HIPAA-compliant software.
  • Netsmart reviewers found that some product limitations include:
  • The vendor doesn’t offer a free trial, or a pricing plan.
  • It is designed to work with larger companies.
  • Netsmart doesn’t cover all medical specialties.

RXNT EMR Software

RXNT, a cloud-based EMR system, provides electronic solutions and billing software for healthcare professionals. RXNT EHR integrated suite provides e-prescriptions and electronic Health Records. It also includes practice management software. The software allows practitioners to access patient information, schedule providers, charge capture, and eprescribe. They can also check in patients. All of this is possible with Its iOS or Android apps. RXNT is a software for telehealth. It allows virtual appointments to work in conjunction with telemedicine solutions, and seamless billing.

RXNT software is designed for doctors. This software allows medical professionals to efficiently manage their clinical and practice activities. RXNT EMR is a fully integrated suite of healthcare software that can be used to assist practices of any size and with different administrative tasks. RXNT tools have processed more than $200M per year in claims and helped to send over 80,000,000 prescriptions.

RXNT EMR software can be combined seamlessly. It’s more efficient and leaves less space for errors and duplications. It is a powerful tool for managing medical records, scheduling, billing, as well as other related tasks. RXNT software can be integrated with other systems, making it possible to create custom reports. All information can be accessed via a single secure sign-in (SSO).

Features of the RXNT EHR

Customizable Reports

RXNT EMR’s medical bill system makes it simple to view and analyze data. It creates customizable, comprehensive reports that can be modified easily.

Boost Efficiency

RXNT EMR integrates real-time eligibility checks with claim status verification. You can also receive alerts and notifications. It can also provide electronic remittance advice, (ERA), to simplify administration in both the front and back office. It provides reminders for patients and patients, as well as resource scheduling.

Prevent Billing Errors

RXNT software also includes claim scrubbing, which reduces rejections and denials. This software detects and corrects billing code errors.

Increase Revenue

End-to-end claims tracking integrates into workflows to reduce time required for accounts receivable processing.

Reduce Claim Denials

To speed up payment and increase cash flow, you can identify and resolve denied claims.

Manage Controlled Substances

EPCS certified by DEA, RXNT EMR’s e-prescription system is. The most up-to-date information about previously prescribed medications is available to physicians. They have control and access to real-time information about patient healthcare.

RXNT EHR Pricing

RXNT has a range of pricing options available for different users. RXNT EHR pricing plans start at $65 per provider. To view the pricing plans available and determine which one is best for your company, visit the vendor’s site.


Request a customized RXNT EMR demo to get real-life experience with the software. To better understand the utility of RXNT for your company’s needs, view the RXNT demo.

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