sell diamond jewelry

sell diamond jewelry

sell diamond jewelry

Selling diamond jewelry comfortably and safely is possible thanks to Diamantesa, a highly qualified team in gemology that will offer you all the guidance and solutions for the sale of your diamond jewelry.

Our experts will help you clearly in the process of selling your diamonds set in jewelry. We are specialists in (brilliant) diamonds, from 20 points (0.20ct–4mm) mounted on all kinds of jewels; rings (rings), brooches, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

In diamonds weighing more than 1 carat, it is advisable to know their exact quality through a gemological report issued by a recognized gemological laboratory, such as the Spanish Gemological Institute or in Europe the HRD and IGI.

sell diamond rings

By far the most common jewel with diamond rings in all their versions; diamond solitaire rings with a border of diamonds, and diamond alliances, among others. If it is the first time that we have to sell diamond rings, it is almost certain that we do not know where to start. Although it is true that gold-buying establishments are the first option in the case of the sale of precious metals, when it comes to diamond jewelry, it is best to go to experts on the subject. Gemologists, as gem professionals, perform the recognition, grading, and appraisal of diamonds.

How to sell diamond (bright) jewelry

In 3 simple steps, you can carry out the sale of diamond rings or other types of jewelry. You can contact us and obtain information without any cost or commitment. In many cases, through the gemological report or quality that you know of the diamond, you will be able to receive an estimated valuation by phone or email and then proceed to the appointment in our offices.


Leave us your contact information through our form. Within 2-3 business days we will contact you to learn more about your case.

In this contact, we will ask you for more details about your diamond. The main thing is to know what type of jewel it is mounted on and if it has a gemological opinion or diamond certificate. These reports usually detail the main characteristics such as carat weight, color, and purity.


Meet our experts at your nearest office for advice and an appraisal of your diamond in today’s market.

At your appointment we will inspect your jewel with diamonds to check their quality or, if we have a quality report, to corroborate this graduation. The entire process is carried out in your presence and usually does not exceed 30 minutes for simple pieces such as diamond solitaires, wedding rings, earrings or pendants.


We will inform you of the best offer for your diamond as well as the process to carry out your sale with total comfort and safety.

In the same appointment, our gemologist will explain the main factors of the diamond market and will proceed to inform you of our offer for your diamond. If you are satisfied, the sale can be finalized in the same appointment by signing a purchase contract with all the information about the operation.

Diamond jewelry appraisal

Receive our specialized advice on everything related to the sale of your diamond.

Fill out the following form and we will contact you in the next 2-3 business days to arrange the details of your appointment. You can send us a photo of your diamond as well as the documentation via email or mobile to speed up your case.

Appraisal to sell jewelry

where to sell diamond ring

Diamond jewelry presents some difficulty of entry at the time of its sale. The most frequent thing, for example, when selling diamond rings, is to ignore the value that it can have as a second-hand jewel. It is important to emphasize that in diamond jewelry, the diamond concentrates the highest value of the entire piece, with the exception of antique or signature jewels that have an added value due to their age or brand, respectively.

As we have already mentioned before, quality is decisive in determining the liquidation value of our diamond. Without knowing the quality, it will be difficult to have an accurate appraisal.

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