Where does Kanye West's fortune come from? 

Where does Kanye West’s fortune come from? 

Where does Kanye West’s fortune come from? These are your brands and businesses

The singer has increased his income in recent years thanks to his collaborations with brands and his growing musical catalog.

The businesses of Kanye West, now known as Ye, have positioned him with a fortune of approximately 1.8 billion dollars until the cut of 2021, according to Forbes calculations, a heritage that he plans to take care of in the midst of the controversial divorce with his ex-partner Kim Kardashian.

In addition to fighting for the custody of his four children, West imposed conditions on the socialite in his request to legally recover his single marital status, in addition to his last name. Both share heritage, in principle because the interpreter of Come to life is part of the businesswoman’s modeling clothing company called Skims, which launched in 2019.

Kanye West’s fortune

Over the years West got out of debt and secured a great fortune, to which his belongings are added, among which are works of art valued at 9.3 million dollars, jewelry that oscillates 7.6 million, cars that are around 5 million, furniture for 3.4 million or about a million in cattle. In addition, his personal business also adds up. It is estimated that his properties – such as his ranches in Wyoming and the houses in Los Angeles – are another 100 million, according to the same publication.


West’s foray into fashion was through his Yeezy sneaker and gear company, which was created in 2013. The venture is valued at between $3.7 billion and $5 billion.

Clothing and footwear collections

Recently, the also entrepreneur and fashion designer joined forces with luxury brands to create the two pieces that make up the Yeezy Gap x Balenciaga collection thanks to the round jacket and the perfect hoodie, which include sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts or pants with prices between 120 and 440 dollars.

Previously he had already worked with Gap (on a contract until 2030) and Adidas (whose collaboration will continue for a few more years).


The clothing brand created by Kim Kardashian in 2019, which has been essential for the socialite to increase her fortune to one billion dollars, has Ye as a partner with a profit of approximately 64 million.

music catalog

This February, West released his new music album Donda 2, which is just part of a long catalog of music that he has developed since his beginnings in the industry. Currently, not counting his latest production of it, it was valued at $90 million.

In addition, the report reflects that the artist has liquidity of more than 103 million euros, that his musical catalog is valued at another 93, and that he has investments of more than 1,430 in other businesses, including Skims, the underwear firm launched by his still wife, Kim Kardashian, from whom he is separating. The quantitative leap is not bad at all for a businessman who just five years ago owed, as he himself recounted, almost 14 million dollars, and almost 45 four years ago, and who even asked Mark Zuckerberg to invest in his companies through Twitter.

Between Yeezy, Gap, his investments, his music, and his personal fortune, West’s amount would be close to 5,600 million euros, which according to media such as the New York Post would equate his fortune with that of Robert F. Smith, a 58- year-old businessman and president of a private equity firm that according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index would have about 5.9 billion and is the richest black person in the US. The two would be far from the richest in the world, the Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote, 63 years old, with 9,980 million euros.

However, others have tried to deny these dizzying figures and have assured that they are not correct. This is the case of Forbes, a publication specializing in calculating the fortunes of the richest. According to the magazine’s calculations, the money accumulated by West would be around a third of this figure, some 1,520 million euros in total, because, among other things, the valuation of Gap cannot be taken into account, since the collection is not even has ripped off They themselves recognize that it is “a big jump” from the almost 1,100 million that they estimated last May, but that it is very far from those 5,580.

Whatever the dizzying numbers, it remains to be seen what will happen to West’s fortune now that he has announced his divorce from his wife of the past seven years, reality star and fellow businesswoman Kim Kardashian. For the past few months, since their split was announced, Kardashian has stayed with their children in California while West has spent most of his time at his ranch in Wyoming, with trips to Los Angeles to see his children from him and to further develop his interests of him. business.

Both had signed a prenuptial agreement, but it may have become obsolete because the businesses of both have grown exponentially since they got married. Until a few weeks ago it was estimated that the union of their fortunes was about 1,800 million euros, 1,100 from West and just over 700 from Kardashian, but this latest report can turn everything upside down and even modify what the courts of a divorce that is settled by chapters and televised.

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