User Behavior Statistics That Prove You Need BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce, with its wide range of free and premium themes, nearly guaranteed uptime and speed, high security, and user-friendly admin portal, might seem like the clear choice for eCommerce merchants. 

It is customizable while remaining easy to use out of the box – so much so that anyone with a dream and something to sell can launch a store and become an eCommerce merchant within a day. 

But BigCommerce does not bring the customers to you. You need digital marketing for that, and if these figures are to be believed, BigCommerce SEO services. 

1. The top page on the search engine results page earns a click-through rate of 32%.
In other words, the higher you are at the top of the SERPs, the better your click-through rate will be. 

You can’t afford to be lingering down at the bottom where no one pays attention. Speaking of which…

2. Literally, 75% of online shoppers will not even scroll past page one.
So you think you can get by not being spot one, eh? Well, that might be true, but here’s what you can’t do: be on page two. 

Because three-quarters of all users will never even get there. Imagine putting all that hard work into getting to page two, spot one, only to lose out on 75% of all web traffic! 

Not worth it, if we do so say. 

By the way…

3. 94% of people skip right over paid ads.
“That’s alright,” we hear you say, “if I can’t earn the top spot, I’ll buy it, instead.” 

Except you can’t, because almost all shoppers will skip right past the paid ads and hit the organic results. 

Don’t take this the wrong way. You can still drive business through paid aids. But don’t expect the same returns as organic. 

4. SEO drives ten times more traffic than social media.
“Fine, I won’t buy SERP real estate. I’ll earn my leads through social media!”

Wrong again! SEO drives 10 times the traffic of social media, likely due to the fact that, as successful as social media platforms have become as digital marketing channels, Google still gets 99,000 searches every single second. 

Social media just can’t compete with that, not right now, at least. 

5. And finally, half (or over half, depending on which source you trust) of professional digital marketers concur that SEO offers the best ROI of all digital marketing strategies. 
Most digital marketers are in agreement on this latter point. SEO delivers the best ROI of all marketing strategies, bar none. 

This could be due to the fact that SEO is a long-term game that develops accruing interest. It could be a result of the fact that users tend to trust organic search results more. It could be because Google is such a powerhouse. It could be because PPC is too expensive.

But whatever the reason, there’s little debate among digital marketers. To succeed in selling online, you need SEO

Choose a BigCommerce Elite Partner for BigCommerce SEO Services
Honestly, the point has been made, but if your store is built on BigCommerce and you expect it to be sustainable in the long term, you’d do well to invest in BigCommerce SEO services on day one. 

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