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Benefits and Features of Eco-Friendly Luxury Flats

Eco-houses are paradigms of sustainability, catering to the requirements of its occupants without compromising the resources of the next generation. The target of eco-friendly luxury flats near Chandigarh is not simply the present generation; they are meant to serve the interests of one’s children and grandchildren.

With growing awareness of environmental issues, the demand for green apartments is on the rise. Whether one is buying or renting an apartment, one must pay attention to the carbon footprint of the project and its eco-friendly amenities.

Benefits of green apartments

Good ventilation
A major benefit of a green apartment is that it offers good ventilation and makes the apartment easy to breathe and live in. Flats without good ventilation are not regarded as green flats and have a negative impact on its residents.

Sustainability of materials
Green apartments leave a low carbon footprint because of the sustainability of the materials used. The materials which are used to construct such apartments are mostly recycled items that would otherwise contaminate the environment. By opting for such apartments, one will be supporting the endeavours for lowering pollution and reducing choking of landfills, thus leading to environmental conservation.

Better quality of air
One of the major issues facing life in modern apartments in cities is the accumulation of dust and poor-quality of air. But the best apartments in Zirakpur are so designed to lower the entry of dust particles. The high use of carpet, paints and adhesives in ordinary flats causes toxicity of air and results in poor health of residents. Green apartments help to avoid this issue.

Green flats are highly energy efficient since they feature energy-efficient designs and amenities. For instance, they have eco-friendly lighting that not only lowers the temperature of the flat but minimizes the consumption of energy leading to lower water and energy bills. Green flats also feature water-conserving showerheads in bathrooms which help lower water bills without compromising water pressure.

Zones that are smoke-free
Another way green apartments help in a healthy lifestyle is by stipulating smoke-free zones. This helps people who wish to avoid second-hand smoke. Another way is by locating flats far from industries belching smoke and causing air pollution.

Less cost

With regard to green apartments, one can save much money by buying retro- furniture, recycling materials and avoiding chemical pollution. They imply the use of plants, sunlight, fresh air and natural materials, all of which are cost-free options.

There is a misconception that by opting for green apartments, one has to compromise on style. Eco-friendly flats offer a variety of luxury features to adorn one’s dream home.

Less upkeep
Green apartments require less maintenance. One can simplify one’s lifestyle by choosing natural furniture which is easy to clean and durable.

Better standard of life
The best apartments in Zirakpur offer good quality of life and better living standards. One can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with all the greenery around and the use of natural light and air.

Sustainable features
Following are some sustainable features that one can include in one’s home:

Superior lighting
One will replace the conventional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs that are energy efficient. Much energy is wasted by incandescent bulbs. Nearly 90% of their energy is transformed into heat and not light. On the other hand, LED bulbs are not simply energy-efficient but also last 20 times longer. Thus, one need not hesitate to switch to these.

Smart thermostat
The energy efficiency of one’s home can be improved much by installing smart thermostats. There are technical developments in smart home technology which enable the detection of occupancy in rooms and subsequent making of adjustments in the temperature of the rooms.

Home insulation
In spite of having the most state of art heating systems in the green flat, there is no use if it has poor insulation. It takes much energy to generate the heat required in winter, and so one is simply throwing away money if the home cannot conserve the precious heat.

Appliances that are energy-efficient
It is quite easy to gain energy-efficient appliances as they are flooding the markets these days. The use of energy-saving appliances can cause a 13% lowering in monthly bills for utilities.

Organic garden
Setting up an indoor garden not only helps to make the ambience green but is a source of organic produce. One can do cultivation of spider plants to absorb the pollution from traffic near the flats.

Use of green furniture
For green living, one can opt for eco-friendly furniture that has either been recycled or sourced from sustainable sources. Retro-furniture is not just elegant but helps reduce the carbon footprint of decoration. Use paints, carpets and curtains that do not emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Wood furniture must be sourced from sustainable forests.

Solar panels
Reduce electricity bills to zero by installing solar panels. Thus, they help save valuable energy. In case one generates more energy than one consumes, one can even sell that excess energy to the primary grid.

In sum, these are some of the benefits and features of eco-friendly luxury flats near Chandigarh.

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