Employee assistance programs

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Assistance Programs

The corporate sector is evolving quickly, and employees find it challenging to cope with the changes. To help the employees with this pressure, organisations can engage with employee assistance programs. These programs have helped organisations reduce turnover rates and improved the organisation’s productivity. 

What Are Employee Assistance Programs?

The EAP programs, also known as EAP counselling, help employees with the issues affecting their job. The consulting program enables the employees to discuss any problems they may be facing.

Experts offer the right solutions to employees, which helps them psychologically and improves their engagement level with the organisation in the long run.

You can offer assistance in different forms, such as:

  • Mental health issues
  • Boosting performance
  • Financial help
  • Improvement in work relationships
  • Helps with substance abuse

Why Choose Employee Assistance Programs?

Supporting employees is an integral part of building good company culture. The efforts can be enhanced when you install EAPs in the organisation. The features of EAPs are as follows:

  • Availability

The employees have access to these programs 24*7, and even family members can access them, provided they are eligible for the program. The employees can connect with experts via emails and texts and get assistance whenever required. 

  • Accessibility

EAPs can be easily accessed online. The programs offer an online platform where employees can log in and access different videos, interactive programs, and podcasts based on their specific needs. 

  • Secure

Everyone wants anonymity, and the program makes sure that everyone remains anonymous. This is a fact that enhances the credibility of the program. It has been observed that employees are more driven toward using these programs. 

  • Confidential

One of the essential aspects of these programs is keeping the employees anonymous. None of the individuals will be able to breach information about others which will always be a driving factor for any program. 

Some Statistics To Be Considered

  • An improvement of 45% has been observed in the work-life management for employees after EAPs were implemented.
  • Approximately 86% of the workforce has positively impacted well-being after implementing EAPs.
  • 54% of the employees in the USA have access to EAPs.
  • 78% of employers offered EAPs to their employees in 2016, as per a report by SHRM.
  • As per studies, 95% of the companies with approx. 5000 employees implement EAPs in their company.

How EAP Counselling can Benefit An Organisation

  • Decrease in absenteeism

For any company, the well-being of employees should be a significant focus. If an organisation doesn’t prioritise this, employees feel less valued and sometimes skip their work. To reduce absenteeism, companies can introduce EAPs where employees which will help them at every step when needed to maintain their health.

  • Increase in productivity

One primary reason that kills productivity is distraction due to professional/personal issues. When they become less creative and motivated at work, it can affect the workflow. To improve the productivity of employees, organisations can introduce EAPs. The programs allow employees to take care of the challenges they face. Be it issues any work, financial help, or conflict in the workspace. It reduces unnecessary distractions and helps in focusing on the jobs.

  • Positive impact on the work environment

A work environment wherein employees feel stressed is not healthy as productivity plummets, and employees leave the company. It can be a red flag. However, employees in less stressful environments can be more loyal with increased concentration. Several factors are responsible, and EAPs are one of them. These programs help troubling employees by offering them support for issues they are experiencing, which helps reduce stress levels at work.

  • Less Turnover

Employee turnover poses a significant threat to companies in the corporate sector and can cost the company substantial financial loss. EAPs can make these things easier for organisations. They point out the issues faced by employees and offer the required solution. 

  • Improved morale

If your employees are witnessing a significant drop in their confidence and morale, they might face life obstacles. EAP counselling plays a crucial role in resolving the employees’ issues, which improves employee morale and increases their working capability.
Employee assistance programs take some time to be successful in any company. However, it can be an asset for employees to deal with their everyday issues in the organisation. It offers them an opportunity to boost the morale and productivity of employees in the workspace so your business can be a place where employees feel safe, feel at home, and at their best.

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