What to do to stop liking someone

What to do to stop liking someone

What to do to stop liking someone

What to do to stop liking someone, It is likely that, at this point, you have distanced yourself from that person. However, there is something you should stop doing: do not look at their WhatsApp status anymore.

In the world, we are more than 7,000 million people, but you, to really like, you only like one. A. And there is no way to get it out of your head, to hate it even a little bit, to take a hobby of it, to forget it and turn the page.

We better repeat it: More than seven billion people! We suffer from the global hyper population, but the vagueries of emotional and erotic chemistry are just as inscrutable. In fact, there are three things in this life that you cannot understand, no matter how many times you give them: gravitational waves, and square roots, and that you will pay attention to precisely that one person, so much so that the rest of the universe blurs into an immense and tasteless background.

Let’s specify the level of the emotional crash: you would like to have a shot of his saliva for breakfast every morning. A hyperbole, perhaps a bit disgusting, that becomes more unbearable when it stops being reciprocal. And look that you have tried to win him back in every possible way. You have tried hard, so much so that you have already burned all your boats: you have been the surpassed woman, the understanding one, the spiteful one, the jealous one, the laggard, the spy, the mysterious one… You have wanted to seduce him again in vain in so many ways that you already have no choice but to accept the cruel and horrible reality: he doesn’t like you, even though you still love him.

It is time to turn the page, to look for the vaccine to neutralize the ravages of this virus that is more resistant than influenza A. Let’s see a few steps to achieve immunity:

  1. Delete your phone number. But really, cheating is not worth it. Delete it from your mobile, from your physical and digital agenda. Make those nine digits completely disappear from your environment. It is true that you decided long ago to stop sending him desperate messages (and for that alone, we give you slow applause), but you must overcome that crazy tic of checking his status on WhatsApp every five minutes. Repeat this 55 times: I don’t care if he’s online, I don’t care if he was last online 38 minutes ago, I don’t care if he changed his profile picture… Now delete that fucking number and feel the tranquility and deep gratitude for your dignity.
  2. Stop friending him on Facebook. Think about one thing, if you have been able to erase your phone number, you are a champion. If you have been able to do the first point, this is sucked. Get him out of there, kick him, you can. There is no pain. REMOVE. Hit it quick, drop this whip you’ve been whipping yourself with all this time, and feel the relief of the sweet goodbye.
  3. If you’ve unfollowed him on Facebook, unfollowing him on Twitter sucks. And you know. Hit the unfollow now.
  4. The lovesickness slimmed down more than the artichoke. Some people take to eat but, if we generalize (as we have been doing since the first letter of this article without the slightest remorse), we will see that the vast majority lose more kilos in a few days than Caritina Goyanes with seven crashes diets. Look in the mirror: you have the highest self-esteem. Take advantage of it, take time, and get ready. While you take care of yourself, you forget about him more and more and start to remember yourself.
  5. Do sports. Run, practice yoga –6 reasons to do it– or Krav magá. Whatever, but go out and do it, because sport is the great antidote to stress -10 techniques to reduce it-, anguish, and lovesickness. Sports disconnects relieve and help to forget. And for someone to stop liking you, it is essential to get them out of your head.
  6. Go out at night and during the day. Go out a lot and meet other people. Remember that there are more than seven billion people out there and that is wonderful. While you go out, you enjoy; and while you enjoy, you forget and that attraction is diminishing little by little.
  7. Do not start dating another until you know that (the unpronounceable) has stopped charming you. Nobody deserves that.
  8. You think you don’t like him anymore and you’ve met someone else. That’s great, but be careful: the chances of a relapse are as great as that of you asking her to accept you as a friend on Facebook again. If you’re attacked by this strain of the virus, don’t tell your new partner just yet. Shut up and give yourself some time; begins the steps towards immunity again. Hopefully, you’ll get the fever to pass much faster. And if things drag on, you’ll have to be honest with who you’re with right now. The virus may be turning you into a zombie, but don’t let it turn you into a heartless coward.
  9. You’ve relapsed, you’ve left your new partner, and you’re a hair’s breadth away from having a drinking problem. You only have to travel to get over the breakup. Go on a trip alone. Traveling usually cures all the ills of man. And, above all, nonsense.
  10. The return home is usually sweet and grateful. Reconcile with yourself and pat yourself: you’ve been traveling all this time without remembering him. You have so many things to do, and you have met places and people who have aired your mind.

And then you realize the ultimate test: you’re too lazy to think about him.

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