How can I get a job at Costco?

Costco shoppers from far and wide flock to the warehouse club for crazy deals on household essentials, and it makes sense considering the store offers plenty of inexpensive foods you should always have in your kitchen. But with all those members arriving in droves, what is it really like to work at Costco? Well, the employees have spoken. Follow the instructions to find out what it’s really like to work in the big box store.

It’s not uncommon for members to look down on Costco employees and wonder if all they’ll do is work for the wholesale corporation. What many people don’t realize is that most Costco employees are satisfied with their decision to work at the store. A former employee , Meghan Demaria, explained that while many people assume that the company’s employees are simply wasting their time ‘looking for something better,’ many of the company’s employees have actively chosen to build their careers at Costco.

Apparently sitting down is the new smoking habit, and Costco employees don’t have to worry too much about it. One thing is certain when it comes to being a Costco employee and that is that physical activity will be expected. Between the heavy lifting and marching from one end of the store to the next, Demaria lost 10 pounds (all while she enjoyed her weekly $1.50 hot dog in the food court). It’s not a sedentary job, and with that comes a host of other health benefits.

A large number of hourly employees can be found at other companies complaining about their pay. As prices rise along with the cost of living, it can be difficult to find an hourly job that covers the bills. Fortunately, Costco knows that happy employees make for better business. The average salary for a cashier is about $13. Combine that with room for advancement, and Costco offers some good opportunities.

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  1. Customers are constantly leaving perishables all over the store.

Customers constantly leave things out until they go bad. | Chris Hondros/Getty Images

A person’s level of laziness is put to the test at a store as big as Costco. Unfortunately, employees must pick up the slack from these lazy shoppers, one of their biggest qualms. According to a Costco employee , ‘The worst thing that annoys me is people leaving perishables in the aisles.’ Many of these perishable items end up in the trash because they spoil before an employee finds them.

The life goals of a Costco employee (along with any other human being) do not require the approval rating of a Costco member (or anyone else). That alone should explain the surprise Demaria felt on her first day on the job at the wholesale superstore. The customer asked what her “long-term plans were for her, besides working at Costco,” to which she asked why she needed to know in the first place.

In addition to dumping perishable trash throughout the store, employees complained that Costco members are impressively dirty. Sure, we all enjoy a good showing, but apparently throwing out the trash is too much to ask. A 25-year-old Costco employee told Business Insider that “We have dumpsters at every sampling station, along with at the end of some aisles. Then there are dumpsters outside around the store. However, the sampler cups end up in the cart with leftover juice, sauce, and chunks. Very messy.’

Members turn into monsters

Anyone who has ever set foot inside a retail store has witnessed the anger that can come from a disgruntled customer, and Costco is no different. An employee barely avoided a physical altercation with a member who was unhappy that another customer was allowed to pay in front of his abandoned cart. He disclosed on Reddit that the member:

He told me right to my face that he could leave me out at that point. I remember telling him if he hit me I’d get paid time off from this place, so go ahead. The management kicked him out because he was causing a big scene. The members cheered when he left. I felt like a hero.

For whatever reason, shoppers looking to score a good deal feel entitled to circumvent Costco’s membership policy. After all, they are buying the products, so why do they need to buy the membership? Well, the membership is what allows the company to offer all those great deals. However, employees must periodically explain the store’s policy.

One employee told Reddit that their usual response is, ‘I apologize, but it’s Costco policy. It’s a membership-based store, and if you’re not a member, you can’t shop here.’ Just pay the $60 for membership already.

Despite the headaches that come with navigating customer service, Costco compensates its employees well. Ranked #1 among Indeed’s Top Rated Employers for Compensation and Benefits. In fact, the company offers all the benefits, including a 401(k), to both full-time and part-time employees.

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