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A mobile user knows the difference between owning an iPhone and owning a smartphone when they compare the technology underneath and performance of the device. No doubt, Apple has aced both of these aspects. Apple phones are quite expensive for developing countries but the benefits one can reap out from these devices are enormous. Thereby, the return on investment is also possible and satisfactory. 

With high-end features comes the high price. When you pay high price for a device, you definitely want it to be secured from any unwelcoming events. These events include loss of device, damage by accidents, physical damage or liquid damage, device unrepairable etc. 

In order to keep ourself secure from getting worried and stressful of these events, one can opt for some of the best Apple iPhone Insurance plans. The top of the list is Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Screen Protection Plan.

This plan has a lot to offer. 

Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Phone Damage Protection & Mobile Screen Protection Plan are the top-ranking plans in the market which offer you a comprehensive coverage for iPhone mobile screen or device damage due to accidents or liquid damage.  

Alongside benefits of these plans offer are F-secure Mobile Security, one-year free subscription to Zee5 and Gaana Plus Subscription. 

Following are two major categories of this type of insurance:

  1. CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan (with complementary mobile device insurance)
    1. Covers cost of the device (up to 100% of base invoice value*)
    2. Smartphones, laptops and tablets subscription could be availed
  1. CPP Fonesafe Lite (with complementary Mobile Screen Protection insurance)
    1. CPP Mobile Protect should be purchased within 15 days of the purchase of the device
    2. CPP Fonesafe Lite should be purchased within 45 days of the purchase of the device

High worth mobile phones like Apple iPhones offer variety of features but they do impose a risk of heavy expenses when require any repairs. When such incidents happen, they took out a major chunk of your savings leading to a financial stress and deep distress of owning expensive gadgets too. Owning good quality devices has become a necessity for many of the businesses or even for personal usage considering a plethora of possibilities these devices provide. Obviously, going for an insurance of your devices, to avoid stress and manage any unfortunate events like these, is a wise thing to do. 

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