How mobile protection plans can be helpful at the time of accidental damage?

Apparently, mobile phones are next to the basic necessities for a person living in today’s fast-paced world. One needs to be connected to the internet, be able to communicate with multiple agencies and be on the roam most of the times, to generate good output and make a living. Mobile phones have offered exactly the same things to us and that’s where, economic growth is fueled along with personal benefits. 

Since, we carry these devices along with us on the move, they are most likely to get damaged due to accidents. Protecting mobile phones from such incidents is of extreme importance considering our day-to-day business relying upon them so heavily. 

There are multiple mobile protection plans available in the market. These plans provide you flexibility of paying premium amounts as per your convenience and avail exciting benefits along with piece of mind. One of the most talked about protection plan for mobiles is Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Device Protection Plan. 

Following are two major categories in this type of insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv:

  1. CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan (with complementary mobile device insurance)
    1. Covers cost of the device (almost up to 100% of base invoice value*)
    2. Smartphones, laptops and tablets subscription could be availed within this plan
  1. CPP Fonesafe Lite (with complementary Mobile Screen Protection insurance)
    1. CPP Mobile Protect should be purchased within 15 days of the purchase of mobile phone
    2. CPP Fonesafe Lite should be purchased within 45 days of the purchase of the your device

Owning good quality devices has become a necessity for many of the businesses. Even for personal usage considering a plethora of possibilities these devices offer, most of us are open to explore many options from market which suit our requirement. Opting for an insurance of your devices, to avoid stress and manage any unfortunate events like these, is a wise thing to do. 

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