How your insurance can save you if your laptop gets completely damaged?

Laptops, mobiles, desktops etc. electronic devices have become inevitable parts of most of our lives. Almost every business and personal needs could be satisfied with these gadgets put in use. In such scenario, this becomes most important to secure them from any unwelcoming events like loss, misplacement, damage or theft.

Now that, most of the business and personal tasks are electronically completed using laptops and mobiles, opting for an insurance of such devices is a wise choice. An insurance safeguard you from the financial and emotion stress you undergo after such incidents happen. 

Cost of these devices has been seen on ever-rise and which are justified with the new features they offer. With increment in the features, businesses and personal usage has also got increased and people have started utilizing these devices more extensively. This enhanced the dependencies on such devices, which when exposed to threat can stress out the bearer to much extent. 

Insurance policies for these devices help you be secure and stress-free for any unwelcoming events and financial losses arising as an after effect. 

The most opted plan, Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Phone Damage Protection & Mobile Screen Protection Plan is the most promising plan in the market which can offer you a comprehensive coverage for both, mobile screen and device damage due to any accidents or liquid damages.  

Not only the calmness of being secured from unwanted expenses, benefits of these plans also offer F-secure Mobile Security, one-year free subscription to Zee5 and Gaana Plus Subscription adding more entertainment to your daily life.

Following are two major categories of this type of insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv:

  1. CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan (with complementary mobile device insurance)
    1. Covers cost of the device (up to 100% of base invoice value*)
    2. Smartphones, laptops and tablets subscription could be availed
  1. CPP Fonesafe Lite (with complementary Mobile Screen Protection insurance)
    1. CPP Mobile Protect should be purchased within 15 days of the purchase of the device
    2. CPP Fonesafe Lite should be purchased within 45 days of the purchase of the device

Key advantages of having an insurance of your mobile

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