What are the missions of a law firm?

The law firm is a structure composed of a single lawyer or several lawyers. It thus develops its activities under the legal status of a sole proprietorship or a company. This type of structure offers services related to the professional activities of legal advisers and lawyers. These interventions target both natural and legal persons. Discover here the missions of a law firm.

Legal advice

Law firms generally provide personalized assistance to individuals. This relates to different areas such as:

  • Work ;
  • Finances ;
  • Civil Affairs;
  • Estates.

In addition to these areas, law firms support their clients in the real estate field. Your law firm competent in real estate sales welcomes you to its office in Rueil-Malmaison . For information, the fact of seeking the services of a law firm grants you legality in all the steps to be taken.

The defense of the client

This is probably the most common mission of a law firm. He is called upon to defend his client who is involved in litigation. The defense must be made at all levels of the case in question, whether at the level of the courts in court, the court of appeal, etc. A large company must call on a firm specializing in business law for its defense.

There are a multitude of law firms that are entering the business world thanks to the success they have had in litigation involving officials of large corporations. The latter seek the intervention of a law firm to ensure a favorable outcome.

The representation

The law firm may be requested by its client to replace it on various levels. In particular, he will take care of carrying out certain legal procedures on behalf of his client.

He may also have to carry out the formalities with third parties. This occurs in the context of debt collection. If the client has contracted debts, the law firm can take over the negotiations with the creditor.

The drafting of contracts

Drafting contracts is another mission assigned to a law firm. Any natural or legal person can benefit from this service from a law firm. The latter also deals with the drafting of leases, as well as all the other categories of agreements that are in the legal field.

Acts relating to the creation or modification of a company can be provided by a law firm. However, the latter does not deal with the negotiation or the development of the amicable agreement when it comes to litigation.

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