3 Top-Selling Elite Force Airsoft Guns

Elite Force may make a dependable AEG, but its bread and butter is and always has been gas blowback airsoft pistols. It’s likely that this will remain the case for long into the future. When you’re looking for an AEG, you go for KWA, Umbrella, G&G, or the like – but when it comes to a GBB, you immediately think of Elite Force airsoft guns.

If you’re looking for a new highlight to round out your current collection or you just want a really tough GBB airsoft pistol for an upcoming match, you won’t go wrong with any of these. They’re some of the top-selling Elite Force airsoft guns over at MiR Tactical (MiRTactical.com).

Check these out and visit their website via the link above if you have any questions.

Elite Force Glock 18C (Selective Fire)
This Glock airsoft replica is firmly cemented as the top-selling Elite Force airsoft gun online at MiR Tactical. But, the thing is that Elite Force is well known for its Glock replicas – so what makes this one any different?

The two main reasons for this are its selective-fire feature and capacity. This Glock is not only capable of semi-automatic fire but also of fully automatic fire, which is a big selling point for some users.

To be fair, it is cool, and it could be practical. But the problem with fully-automatic airsoft pistols is that most of them just don’t have enough capacity to merit the feature. It takes all of like a half of a second to completely drain a 21 or 23 round airsoft magazine.

That’s the other thing everyone loves about this Elite Force Glock replica. Like other replicas, it’s compatible with bigger, better magazines, but it also comes with an extended mag that holds 50 rounds.

Elite Force Glock 19 Gen3
Another top-selling Elite Force airsoft gun is another officially licensed Glock replica, the Glock 19 Gen3 GBB airsoft pistol.

This Glock replica falls only slightly behind the Glock mentioned above in popularity, but we can see why this one is actually more useful for some players.

One thing is that it comes with a more reasonable magazine, which at 21 rounds, leaves a bit to be desired – but at least it can be holstered and carried comfortably.

Another thing that’s great about this Glock replica is that it has a section of rail underneath the slide in front of the trigger guard. The truth is that the Glock mentioned above has this feature too, but this lighter, more ergonomic Elite Force replica can make more practical use of it because it handles and points more naturally.

Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen3
While an appreciable sum of Elite Force airsoft guns include Glock replicas, they make a number of the highest quality replicas of other platforms as well. Case in point: this 1911 replica, which you can also find over at MiR Tactical and which is also a top-seller.

This 1911 replica features an all-metal frame and slide, as well as a rail underneath the barrel for mounting accessories like lights or lasers. Its gas blowback system also mimics recoil for even more realism.

If you’re looking for a high-quality airsoft pistol to serve as a sidearm to your main automatic electric gun, your stop is here. Pick one up before your next date with the airsoft field.

Saving on Elite Force Airsoft Guns
In addition to these green gas and CO2 powered airsoft pistols, MiR Tactical carries a wide range of other airsoft pistols and rifles. In addition to airsoft rifles and pistols, they also carry biodegradable airsoft BBs and tactical gear and equipment so airsoft players can be better prepared for upcoming matches.

Check out their website, MiRTactical.com, or get in touch with them directly at 800-581-6620 to learn more today.

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