3 Ways to Hack Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

3 Ways to Hack Someone's Computer Without Them Knowing

3 Ways to Hack Someone's Computer Without Them Knowing

3 Ways to Hack Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

Although you may think that hacking a computer might be next to impossible, it is actually possible with some hacking knowledge and a few tricks, making it possible for you to gain access to the computers you want to monitor!

And all this without having to hire hackers of dubious reputations who you can’t always trust with your data. So, whether it’s your child, employee, or possibly your cheating spouse, you can now monitor any computer using the 3 simple methods illustrated below on how to hack a computer!

How can I remotely access another computer without permission?

Without having the correct username and password credentials, it is incredibly difficult to access a computer on your own without any information, authentication, or validation given by the original user.

To hack someone’s computer from your computer without permission. you will have to know how to use some techniques or you will have to install a hacking application on the target device to avoid knowing how to hack someone’s computer remotely.

Can a locked computer be accessed remotely?

Being the original user, who locked the computer in the first place, all you have to do is enter your login credentials and pick up where you left off.

However, if you are not an administrator, it is still possible to gain access but you will have to use professional hacking steps to do so.

Is it possible to hack someone’s computer remotely?

Although not necessarily easy, it is definitely possible to remotely break into someone’s computer. In order to break into someone’s system, you must get their permission to do so, and it’s important that they don’t realize you’ve been given it.

Attached to a downloadable file or a link within a phishing email, a virus makes its way onto someone’s personal computer, allowing you to access the content it contains.

However, a much easier and safer method is to simply use an invisible third-party hacking tool, such as ClevGuard’s MoniVisor, so as not to get caught and waste too much time.

Now we are going to leave the 3 different ways to hack someone’s computer .

Way 1 – Hack remotely through ClevGuard Monitor – 100% Functional and Secret

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to hack someone’s computer remotely and doesn’t have any tech background.

Operation Difficulty: Easy

Recommended level: 

Have you ever thought about how your child or subordinates use computers while you are away? No more as ClevGuard MoniVisor is the perfect solution for that, it records all activities on the target device giving you access to all keystrokes, social media conversations, all web emails, etc… Showing the data in a beautiful, well-organized layout on the hacker’s device.

The installation and configuration process is simple and convenient, and you can start monitoring the activity from your control panel immediately.

What makes this solution unique from others is that it does all of this while remaining invisible on the target computer, which means that the target will never know that they have been hacked.

How to hack someone’s computer without login credentials

Before you go to learn the text setup guide, here is the clear video guide for you to know how to hack someone’s computer remotely.

Step 1: Obtain a valid account and license

At first, you need to get a MoniVisor account using a valid email address. Then get a plan according to your need. This is necessary to be able to access the data on the computer and enjoy all the functions.

Step 2: Check the setup guide to download and install the app on the target computer.

This process may take about 5 minutes to finish. There will be a clear guide for you. You won’t have to worry about whether the operation is difficult or not.

After the purchase, you will be taken to the My Products page, here you can check the Installation Guide. When you have successfully installed and activated the software, then you can log into the account on your own computer.

Step 3: Log in to the online control panel to spy on the computer.

Now, you are done with the setup, all you need to do is view all the data and files of the target computer. Then you have successfully hacked into someone’s computer.

After reading the introduction and steps on how to hack someone’s computer with MoniVisor, we can know that this is an App suitable for everyone. In fact, there are 2 other ways to hack a computer without the help of such professional software, but you have to be equipped with a good foundation of technology. Check out these ways below.

Way 2 – Remotely hack a computer via TeamViewer – You will be caught

Suitable for: Who knows the TeamViewer ID and password of the target computer.

Operation Difficulty: Easy

Recommended level: 

Another way to hack into someone’s computer is by installing or having users install TeamViewer software.

This software gives you the ability to literally take control of a computer and control it from your device that is acting as a remote, giving you access to all the data on the target computer.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download TeamViewer on the target computer.
  2. Set up both computers to be ready for remote control.
  3. Enter the username and password of the target device on your computer to pair them.

All of this is free for a personal license, making it a great option for monitoring.


This method, however, can backfire if the user realizes what is happening, since the software is clearly visible on the target computer, they can clearly know what you are doing if the screen is not locked.

It is also necessary to have the same version and a stable and fast connection on both sides for this method to work effectively, a stable internet connection is not possible all the time making hacking and monitoring limited to only when the computer is running. destination is connected to the LAN or Wi-Fi.

Way 3 – Bypass Windows Login – The Last Option

Suitable for: Who knows a lot about computers and has a lot of time to access the computer for configuration.

Operation Difficulty: Super Hard

Recommended level: 

While it is very difficult to bypass the Windows login screen, it is definitely possible with the combination of the Windows installation drive and commands prompt, you can set up a new administrator account that has access to all the data on the main account.

Note that this will not change the password used by the main account, but you should be able to access, edit, and copy pretty much everything from the main account.

How to hack a Windows computer by bypassing the login

Step 1 : For this method, you first need to create a Windows installation tool on a USB drive with a minimum of 8 GB of free storage. Below are several small steps you need to take.

  • Connect the flash drive to your computer and open the Windows download page.
  • Click “Download Tool Now”, and then double-click the tool once it has been downloaded successfully.
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen to ensure that you use the flash drive as the installation location.
  • Leave the flash drive connected after the creation process is complete.

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