5 Luxury Features To Incorporate Into A Custom Home


When people build luxury homes today in Calgary, they know what they want. Homeowners are demonstrating a strong desire for luxurious features in their custom homes- and honestly, who can blame them? 

Jumping on the trend, here are the top 5 sought-after amazing luxury features that might inspire you to include them in your new home.

1. Home Theaters
For a world that has been through the corona lockdown, a home theatre just makes sense. You can take your movie nights to another level with this luxurious addition.

Having a movie theatre at home is also a great way to entertain your family and guests. You can watch movies in the comfort of your own home, saving you the time it would take to travel to the movie theatre. 

Regardless of age, every member of your family will appreciate this addition. What better way to spend your Sunday evenings than watching your favourite movie with your friends or family? 

2. Heated Floors
We all know how cold Calgary mornings could be, therefore this addition might just become a necessity rather than a luxury in a few years. You won’t turn back once you give it a try. Who wouldn’t want to exit the shower onto a cosy, warm bathroom floor, after all? 

Although heated floors are most frequently found in bathrooms, they may be heated practically anywhere. To make your home more comfortable and luxurious, you can also heat the carpet or the tiling. 

3. Smart Home Technologies
The demand for smart home technologies is rising as our way of life changes. With smart technology, you can automate your house. If you want to raise the value of your property, controlling it at the touch of a button is the way to go.

A well-designed home automation system contains several parts that work together to form the entire system. It involves at least one programmed computer, objects or systems that are managed by that computer, wireless connections or cables, high-speed Internet, and a backup power supply.

Smart homes have features such as advanced lighting, controlling your thermostat, controlling all the entertainment devices through one remote, controlling the blinds and many more. 

4. Outdoor Living Spaces
Homeowners are investing more and more in their outdoor areas. Some of the spaces people are bringing outside include outdoor kitchens, waterfall pools, hot tubs, and changing cabanas. It’s like having a getaway ready for you in your backyard!

These outdoor spaces are ideal for those who love being in nature, or who love throwing parties. An outdoor kitchen is one luxurious feature that is making waves. People are now centering their outdoor kitchen around a grill, a custom counter, a sink, and cupboards- which are all built-in.

5. Home Gyms  
Home gyms are no longer a luxury that only celebrities and athletes enjoy. People are now converting their garages into their home gyms. Homeowners are creating spaces for weight training, yoga, home fitness equipment, and other activities.

To give it an even more luxurious feel, you can have your luxury home builders build a dedicated home gym room/hall just for this purpose. You can customize the gym by adding mirrors or a concrete floor- so that it can feel more spacious. 

Experience The Extraordinary With Luxury Home Builders in Calgary
Although a challenging process, building a new home can be exciting when you have the right people beside you. Luxury Home Builders can help you avoid a nightmarish homebuilding experience and create the house of your dreams.

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