5 reasons why PHP is important for web development

PHP is important for web development

Why PHP is important for Web Development

Nowadays, creating an effective web presence is the need of the hour. At the present time, almost every business is keen on building an online presence to provide the material for their consumer needs. Having a website ensures growth and competitiveness in the market. However, building a website needs the most trusted programming language that serves as the basis.

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PHP is one of the most popular and trusted programming languages that has been used by various websites globally. According to a report, more than 70% of the global websites run on PHP. You have seen many examples of sites made through PHP, such as Facebook, WikiPedia, Nike, etc.

Why is PHP so widely used?

PHP is known as the general-purpose scripting language that is used to develop dynamic websites. It is a very first server-side language that can easily be embedded into HTML and can add functionality to the web pages.

Reasons why PHP is important for web development

There are many reasons that can justify the importance of PHP in web development, even after so many new languages have been developed in the past few years. Here are a few of them to make you understand.

PHP is easy to learn and use

PHP has gained such popularity in the web development world just because of the ease it offers to both the learners and the users. It is quite simple to get started with PHP. People with no professional knowledge or experience can easily create a web page using a PHP file. The syntax used in PHP is simple and easy to learn. You can also find the common functions easy to learn and use.

PHP is open-source and free to use

Developers find PHP useful as it is available at zero cost to them. It is an open-source platform that can be installed quickly. Companies that are struggling to lower the cost of web development can find PHP of great importance.

PHP is versatile

PHP is important for web development as it can be used on any platform. It is actually independent of any platform and can be easily used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It also supports all the major web browsers and can easily be deployed on different systems or platforms at a very low cost

PHP is fast and secure

When it comes to developing a website, every organization wants it to be fast and secure. PHP is known for its memory and can compete well in context with speed. Also, it allows the users to enjoy the support of a large community that helps in fixing the vulnerabilities, if any.

PHP is completely tried and tested

In web development field, testing is very important before placing the product on the forefront. PHP codes are tested several times in real working environment and thus developers are available with all the possible solutions that are required to fix any bugs or errors.

PHP being the server-side programming language had been ruling the web development world since last many years and its features and benefits are assuring its reign for the next many years also.

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