5 Ways to Really “Wow” Your Dinner Guests (Using French-Style Furniture!)

Hosting your own dinner party, whether it be for close friends, colleagues, or family members, is undeniably an exciting experience. Although exhilarating, it can simultaneously be stressful, as there is a lot of preparation involved, including food shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

When your guests do arrive, you want them to really be impressed by not only your chef-like cooking skills but also your interior design. Fortunately, there are plenty of decorations and other additions you can place in your dining room to “wow” your dinner guests– and have them excited to return to Dinner Party #2! From beautiful French dining chairs to lavish antique-style dining tables, consoles, and more.

1. Use Plush French Dining Chairs
Before we get to the smaller decorative pieces, we need to focus on one of the most important elements of the dinner party: the guests’ seats. Handing out foldable chairs will simply not do here! Instead, opt for French dining chairs.

These particular chairs evoke an unequivocal elegance and are remarkably comfortable. Guests can then enjoy the charming nature of their chairs along with their plush cushions and sturdy solid wood frames.

2. Set the Dining Table Elegantly
The dining table’s setup is what most dinner guests will recall more than anything else. Ensure that you set it appropriately with the classically functional items, like plates, wine glasses, water glasses, utensils (in order), cloth napkins (bonus points for folding them in a quaint design!), and trivets.

However, you shouldn’t forget the solely decorative pieces either. These can include seasonal decorations (gourds in the fall, for example), tablecloth-complementing floral arrangements, and taper candles of varying heights.

3. Create Personalized Name Cards and Place on Plates
While this point could theoretically be incorporated in the previous one, we felt it deserved its very own spotlight. Creating personalized name cards in advance emulates a different emotion than is felt with the other ubiquitous table elements.

These name cards make every single dinner guest feel welcomed and personally acknowledged, which is important in any dinner party, big or small.

4. Play Theme and Crowd-Appropriate Music
Music has a mystical way of relaxing nearly anyone. When you play the appropriate background music softly at your dinner party, the ambiance will be drastically more soothing than if you hadn’t. You can play Christmas music during the winter, pop music during the summer, smooth jazz when you’re with older relatives, and so on.

Trust us: this is one point not to be overlooked.

5. Have Drink and Snack Stations
The dinner itself more often than not isn’t ready when all the guests first arise. This can happen to both beginner and advanced party hosts alike. It’s best to be prepared and have two stations for guests to make themselves comfortable (and mingle!) while you cook: a drink station and a snack station.

Drinks can include wine, bourbon, whiskey, vodka, along with various mixers and non-alcoholic beverages (sodas, waters, tonics, seltzers, etc.). The snack station can hold appetite-easing appetizers, like cheese assortments, crackers, cured meats, dips, and more.

Whether you are having the classiest of dinner parties or having dinner for one, you deserve to surround yourself with the finest decorations and furniture pieces around.

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