6 Downright Cool Mini Skid Steer Attachments

Everyone’s mini skid steer has a bucket or an auger attachment, or even something like a trencher.

But there are some really cool, impressively practical mini skid steer attachments out there that can make short work of highly specialized jobs and can work in tight spaces. That is if you know where to look.

We dredged the depths of Spartan Equipment’s mini skid steer attachment catalog, and these are some of the most unique attachments of the bunch.

1. Mini Skid Steer Tree Spade
Spartan Equipment’s Mini Skid Steer Tree Spade does basically one thing, but it does it well. It can pull up and transplant trees without requiring the operator to leave the skid steer.

It is fast, efficient, stable, and can revolutionize the way you scale labor when it comes to planting (or transplanting). Powerful but able to properly support a root ball to minimize transplant shock, it is the mini skid steer attachment for planting, transplanting, and management.

2. Snow Blower Attachment
Everyone knows you could slap a bucket or a set of dozer blades on a mini skid steer. Frankly, the image of a skid steer loader without a bucket or dozer blades is a little bit awkward.

But did you know you could also attach a snow blower?

With Spartan Equipment’s Mini Skid Steer Snow Blower attachments, you can make short work of snow-covered surfaces such as driveways, shoulders, large lots, and so much more. Plus, the attachment will throw the snow for you – no need to pile and pack it all into a mound with a bucket or dozer.

3. Sod Roller
Like Spartan Equipment’s Mini Skid Steer Tree Spade, their Sod Roller does one thing, but it does it well – it manages and unrolls sod rolls quickly, easily, and efficiently, with minimal labor on behalf of the operator.

Their basic Sod Roller attachment requires no hydraulics (although a hydraulic attachment is available) and can manage rolls up to 48” wide and 60” in diameter.

It’s highly specialized, but it’s a great attachment for anyone that needs to quickly and efficiently lay vast swaths of sod rolls. Landscapers and golf course managers will love it.

4. Multi-Purpose Grapple
Leave the grapple bucket in the garage. When you need to manipulate truly unwieldy debris, rocks, logs, and cumbersome loads, a Multi-Purpose Grapple attachment is the way to go.

Unlike a grapple bucket, Spartan Equipment’s Multi-Purpose Grapple attachment for mini skid steers enables an operator to manipulate debris from overhead, making it perfect for scrap and rubble piles, log piles, and so much more. Plus, its claws close to less than 3” and come with optional hydraulic rotation.

5. Concrete Breaker
This is another highly specialized attachment for mini skid steers but one that is nonetheless highly practical for road crews, demolition crews, and construction workers.

Breaking up and removing concrete is a tough, demanding job, but a hydraulic concrete breaker is faster, more efficient, and safer to use than manual methods.

6. Boxbroom Sweeper
Finally, we have Spartan Equipment’s Boxbroom Sweeper, which will convert your mini skid steer into a sort of street sweeper.

It’s perfect for cleaning up sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, depots, warehouses, and so much more. It also features cutting edges that loosen debris and a sweeper brush that picks it up so it can be contained in the unit – it doesn’t just spread debris around.

Learn More About These and Other Mini Skid Steer Attachments
These are not the only cool or unique mini skid steer attachments available online at SpartanEquipment.com.

They offer many more, and many more specialized attachments for skid steers and tractors, such as Bobcat, Ditch Witch, and Vermeer models, and they all have one thing in common.

They’re the industry’s toughest attachments, and they will Never Surrender.

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