A High-Level Testimony of a Spyderco Delica


Spyderco is one of those companies that has basically generated universal acclaim. Their unique knives and designs, immediately recognizable via their humpbacked, leaf-shaped blades and “spyderholes” in the blades, are highly regarded by users from all walks of life, from knife collectors and hobbyists to outdoorsmen and paramilitary personnel.

The Spyderco Delica, available in a few different configurations, is one of the most beloved Spyderco knives of all. Along with the Spyderco Endura, It’s a frequent flyer on “best of” lists and many have called it the top Spyderco knife, especially for EDC.

So we took a closer look at the Spyderco Delica 4 with a combination edge, partially serrated blade, and black FRN scales, available online at Live Outdoor Sports (LiveOutdoorsSports.com). Here’s what we found.

Blade Steel and Profile
The first thing we loved was the VG-10 steel that Spyderco uses for the blade. This alloy, VG-10, is a carbon and vanadium-rich steel that is impressively strong, holds an edge for quite some time, is corrosion resistant, and is extremely tough.

The blade also features a larger, 13mm Spyderhole which makes it easier to flick the blade open with one hand – another big bonus for one-handed opening.

As for the blade profile, there is a thumb ramp behind the opening hole which has comfortable, adequate jimping and allows for an excellent grip.

We also appreciated the combination edge, which is partially serrated and offers the best of both worlds, whether you need to do some carving or are trying to cut through thick rope or vegetation.

Handle Material
The scale materials in this Spyderco Delica might be nondescript but they get the job done. This one is made with black FRN scales (fiberglass reinforced nylon) which are physically tough, very durable, and resistant to moisture and chemical attack.

The scales also feature something that Spyderco calls “Bi-Directional Texturing” which improves the traction of the grip substantially, even in cold or wet conditions, or when the user’s hands are greasy or gloved.

Inside the handle, there are skeletonized stainless steel liners that add substantial structural stability while hardly adding any weight.

Size, Weight, and Ergs
The Spyderco Delica 4 is a winner in terms of size, weight, and ergs, too, and from our perspective, it’s little wonder that the knife is so popular for EDC.

It only weighs 2.5oz and it’s just 7.125” overall, opened. This is the sweet spot for EDC; it’s neither too large nor too small.

The 4.25” handle is a great size too and offers a solid grip, which is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the aggressive texturing on the FRN scales. There are no hot spots here.

In addition, the knife opens and closes smoothly thanks to phosphor bronze washers, making it a joy to use. The lockback mechanism is solid and secure.

Carrying the Spyderco Delica is a dream, too. This folding knife also offers 4-way tip up or down carry thanks to its reversible pocket clip.

Where Can You Get This Spyderco Delica
Tough, perfectly-sized, comfortable to carry and use, and dependable, a Spyderco Delica is a great knife for everyday carry.

Looking for a new Spyderco like this one at a good price? Visit Live Outdoor Sports online at LiveOutdoorSports.com today or get in touch with them at 602-264-3398. New pocket candy is in your future and it’s closer than you think.

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