Advice from a Shopify SEO Expert: Is Shopify Good for SEO?

There certainly are enough eCommerce platforms out there to make a choice difficult for new merchants. There are even enough out there to make a migration choice difficult.

Introduce the fine points of digital marketing and you’ll have a whole set of new options to weigh. For example, which eCommerce platform makes the best option with respect to organic search and marketing strategies like SEO?

Well, we asked some of the most basic (but important) SEO-centric questions of the Shopify SEO expert at 1DigitalⓇ Agency to get their take on the matter. Here’s what they had to offer.

Is Shopify a Good Platform for SEO?
One of the most common questions asked by merchants is that of whether or not Shopify is good for SEO. Well, a platform can only really be good for SEO insomuch as the platform enables users to optimize it. Here are some of the features that will come “built into” most eCommerce websites hosted on Shopify.

Easily access and update metadata
Shopify enables simple and straightforward edits to be made to the metadata. Despite the fact that these are considered low-level ranking factors, being able to alter and adjust them is still a bonus.

Straightforward on-page optimization (somewhat theme-dependent)
Shopify also enables users to make basic adjustments to the copy contained on their website, allowing it to be optimized pursuant to both keyword and content strategy. (It should be noted, however, that this is somewhat theme-dependent).

Creating a sitemap for your website
Shopify automatically creates a sitemap telling Google what URLs can and should be crawled and indexed.

Canonize URLs and create 301 redirects
Shopify automatically canonizes URLs, letting Google know which ones to crawl if two are similar or nearly identical. It also streamlines the creation of 301 redirects that can be used to prevent drops in ranking or traffic when URLs change.

Compatible with many free themes that boost UX
Shopify is compatible with a wide range of free themes that merchants can choose to customize their stores’ web designs and create an enjoyable customer experience.

Why SEO is Vital for Shopify Merchants
SEO is not just vital for all Shopify merchants, but for all online merchants, period. Any eCommerce company worth its salt will let you know that it is the single best organic strategy out there. Here’s what an SEO package custom-built for your eCommerce store can deliver you in the long term.

Raising customer awareness
Effectively managed eCommerce SEO services will generate higher organic rankings for your eCommerce site, resulting in greater online visibility and boosted brand awareness.

Generating higher organic traffic and revenue
With high rankings – especially before your target audience – come higher organic traffic figures. The more target users visit your website, the greater your organic revenue is likely to grow.

Capturing leads
Many eCommerce SEO companies also suggest that SEO can be used to capture leads from among the influx of new visitors to a website.

Scaling with growth and cutting dependence on paid search strategies
The higher a Shopify website rises in the search results, the less that entity will need to rely on the effects of paid search strategies, cutting marketing costs in the long run. SEO can even be paired with content marketing strategies, further enhancing your organization’s customer relationship management.

How a Shopify SEO Expert Can Help
Many businesses partner with a specific type of eCommerce SEO agency – a Shopify SEO expert – for the purposes of reaping some of these rewards. These are some of the ways the cost of professional eCommerce SEO experts will pay for itself in the long term.

A Shopify SEO expert can save you time and money
Investing time in digital marketing research is necessary, but involved. Digital marketing experts, especially those that are expressly proficient with a given platform (like Shopify) practically pay for themselves by saving you time on research and implementation.

Performing more accurate keyword research
Shopify SEO experts also typically have a significant amount of experience in researching and identifying potential target keywords, especially based on competitive density and search volume. The fine points of the process elude many merchants, but not the seasoned experts of an eCommerce SEO agency.

Expert insights on Google Analytics and Google Search Console
A platform-specific eCommerce SEO expert is likely to bear a significant amount of experience managing and interpreting trends in both Google Analytics and Google Seach Console. Just as a team of SEO experts can save merchants time on keyword research and content optimization, so too can they save them time poring over analytics.

●The flexibility and resources to make rapid changes to strategy
One other great reason to work with a team of SEO experts instead of trying to do it all yourself is that there is a team. A team has multiple moving parts that work together and are flexible enough to make changes to strategy, even once the wheels have started turning. That flexibility to make rapid changes in strategy, on its own, is a good reason to work with a dedicated eCommerce SEO agency.

Work with a Trusted eCommerce SEO Agency
So to answer some of these questions in a nutshell: Yes, Shopify is good for SEO, SEO is vital for all online businesses, and an eCommerce SEO agency with specific experience in the platform, like the Shopify SEO experts over at 1DigitalⓇ Agency, can help you.

Visit their website,, take a look through their eCommerce case studies, or get directly in touch with them at 888-982-8269 to learn more about their SEO process and how it can generate significant gains for your Shopify business.

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