Before You Buy Your Golf Shafts Online, Be Prepared to Answer These Questions

In today’s day and age, it’s simply not necessary to shop for everything in-store, and some online merchants are getting smarter about creating a better experience for their online shoppers so they can be more confident in their purchases.

Sporting equipment sits somewhere in the gray area between what you would do well to buy in person and what you can comfortably buy online – unless, that is, you know precisely what you’re looking for.

Since you can’t pick up a virtual golf shaft, much less pair one to your favorite club head and give it an actual swing, here are some important questions you should ask and answer before you buy golf shafts online.

1. What are your measurements?
The first and most easily answered question that should influence your decision to buy golf shafts online is what your measurements are. You can either determine these on your own or work with a professional trainer or coach to take them. Then you can buy golf shafts online with greater confidence.

Gambling on your measurements or assuming them is never a good idea as both shafts that are too long or too short can cause shot errors and bad habits. Don’t roll the dice on your game – be sure ahead of time.

2. Do you prefer a more flexible or a less flexible golf shaft?
You should also reflect on your past performance and experiences in order to determine if the shaft flex you’ve been playing with is really a match for your skills or not.

If you feel like your swing is inconsistent, your golf club shafts are “whippy,” or they produce excessively high launch and spin, you may be playing with shafts that are too flexible.

By contrast, if your shaft feels dead, your ball flight is too low or you can’t control shot dispersion or distance, you might benefit from a more flexible shaft. Your swing speed may be too slow to effectively use stiffer shafts.

While these are questions you can also answer by working with a professional, you can also gain valuable insights through practice and introspection.

3. Do you prefer a higher or lower launch?
If you need a higher launch in order to achieve greater distance, then more flexible shafts, specifically those with lower kick points and designed to deliver greater launch and range, may be more suitable for you.

By contrast, if you prefer a shaft that produces lower spin and launch angle for lower ball flight, then a stiffer shaft with a higher kick point may be more to your speed.

It is important to make this separate distinction from shaft flex because although flex and kick point are correlated, a stiff shaft will not automatically have a high kick point and a flexible shaft will not automatically have a low one.

4. What type of clubhead will you be pairing with the shaft?
It’s also important that you take into account the weight of the club head you’re going to pair with the shaft. This goes beyond the type of head (i.e., driver vs. iron) and really has more to do with how the shaft will load with energy carried by the mass of the club head. In some instances, the heavier the club head, the more a stiffer shaft will be warranted.

Work with a Professional for Club Fitting Services before You Buy Golf Shafts Online
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