Behind the Popularity of Women’s and Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

When you imagine a classic wedding band, is it white gold or yellow gold? Discovered as far back as the ancient ruins of Pompeii, yellow gold wedding bands have been the standard throughout much of our history. As timeless as yellow gold wedding bands remain, white gold has been rising in popularity since the 1990’s and has become the new standard, with more couples selecting white gold for their wedding bands every year.

But why this fairly recent shift towards women’s and men’s white gold wedding bands? Let’s take a closer look.

What Exactly Is White Gold?
White gold, like yellow gold, is an alloy, meaning it is made of pure gold mixed with other metals. Pure gold is a very soft element and so it is mixed with other metals to improve its hardness, strength, and durability.

In the case of white gold, the alloy typically contains precious metals such as palladium and silver, giving white gold its silver color.However, this mixture of metals often leaves traces of yellow from the gold. For this reason, white gold is typically plated with rhodium, a metal that gives it its characteristic “white” appearance.

A More Modern Aesthetic
As timeless as yellow gold may be, it has been a constant in jewelry throughout history. White gold was invented in the 19th century and began to gain popularity in the 1920’s and again in the 1990’s. Both metals are still very common in jewelry today, and a large part of the decision is a preference between classic and modern. What some call vintage, others call old.

Neutral Color and Broad Compatibility
Everyone knows that white goes with everything, and this is part of the appeal of white gold. Our world today is all about efficiency and convenience, and you’ll never have to worry about white gold clashing with your outfit when you’re in a hurry.

Some also feel that the neutral coloring of white gold is a better match for a wider range of skin tones. Its neutral color can also be easily paired with a broader range of colored stones and other jewelry.

Superior Durability
Another thing that makes white gold so popular is that it tends to be made with tougher, more durable metals, making it more physically resilient than yellow gold.

This makes white gold more apt for daily wear as its durability makes it more scratch resistant, contributing to a longer-lasting, low maintenance shine.

You might be wondering, why not opt for silver for a similar look at a lower cost? While it may be similar in appearance, silver will tarnish while white gold will not. When silver reacts with sulfur in the air, it results in discoloration. Silver is also similar to pure gold in its composition, making it extremely malleable.

The Perfect Pair: Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands and White Gold Engagement Rings
Naturally, white gold has gained popularity in engagement rings too. There’s no question of the popularity of men’s white gold wedding bands, this simple staple is one we do not forsee changing as often as engagement ring trends may. When it comes to the metal of an engagement ring, it’s all about complimenting the stone. Some believe that the neutral tones of white gold are a better complement to white diamonds, while yellow gold can cause the diamond to appear a hue of the metal’s yellow color. Choosing white gold prongs is a simple way to stay true to the diamond’s white or colorless sparkle. With the rising popularity of colored gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

the silvery muted hues of white gold are even more appealing. White gold is the perfect compliment for a wide range of gems, both colored and colorless.

The Industry’s Finest Women’s & Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings
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