Best Tree Care Techniques and Tips


Growing a tree in your backyard or garden is not a simple deal. Right from the process of selecting, you need to exercise great care through planting, mulching, watering and pruning. A proper care will ensure that you get what you want from your lovable companion.

Choose the right tree
A good tree care starts with selecting the right tree and planting it in the right place. Identify the purpose for the tree like aesthetics, privacy, shade, street tree or windbreak. The objective will help decide the right tree you must choose. Also consider the limitations at the planting site. The position of the tree is important to get the required shade during summer. The height of the tree species you choose must be thought of in advance so that when it grows up and spreads, it does not clash with the buildings and utility lines.

Planting and mulching it rightly
The right tree planting technique differs between different species of trees. You must thoughtfully choose the right way of planting depending on whether you are planting a bare root tree, a balled tree or containerized tree. Mulching insulated the soil and helps develop a buffer that will protect from heat and cold. It also retains water and avoids weeds competing with the roots. It also prevents soil from compacting. One another benefit of mulching is to avoid damage to the lawn mower.

The right way to mulch is to remove grass up to 3 feet area around the tree and up to 10 feet in case of larger trees. Add natural mulch like bark pieces or wood chips for about 2 to 4 inches deep in a circular fashion. Ensure that the mulch does not touch the tree trunk.

Watering in the proper way
The key aspect of a tree care, watering must be done properly considering several factors. The amount of water you need to supply a tree depends on the season. Water must be added to any newly planted tree almost immediately without any delay. Enough water and covering with wood chip mulch around the tree for the first two years can help the tree deal effectively with drought and heat. Deep watering is necessary to support the rooting process.

Too much of water can also be bad for a tree. Over watering is a common mistake most tree planters do. The soil around the tree must be damp, but not soggy. If the soil inside a depth of about 2 inches feels moist, there is no need to add more water.

For draught areas, consider draught resistant trees. For moist or wet conditions, go for trees that can withstand the said situation.

Pruning the tree when necessary in the right way
Proper pruning is important for the health of the tree. During dormancy period, pruning is important. This will result in the vigorous bursting of a new growth. To prune during winter, wait till the coldest winter has passed. During summer pruning can rectify the undesired growth. It is best to avoid pruning during fall as it can invite fungus growth.

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