Building a Luxury Home In Your Budget


Who doesn’t want to live in a luxury home? But many throw away the dream only because they think it’ll be heavy on their pocket. They’re not completely wrong though, as the conventional idea of luxury is often confused with something that is expensive. Which is not the case in reality.

It is true that luxury items usually cost more than regular ones, but it’s not important for the items to be expensive to be luxurious. There are a lot of ways a house can have a luxurious feel without costing you a fortune.

Here are some ideas for the same:

Save On The Land
A neighborhood with luxury houses compliments every other house in the neighborhood. But such neighborhoods can be expensive in general, as they are specifically planned for a particular type of home buyers.

However, if you look hard enough, you will definitely come across a lot that is just having a hard time selling. The lot may be oddly shaped, for example, and this would impact the asking price considerably. If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, and you can make the lot work; this might just be the biggest savings on your luxury home project.

Keep It Compact
Naturally, the bigger your house the more it will cost. Not just to build, but to also decorate it from the inside. And therefore if you’re someone who likes a house with a relatively smaller footprint, then you should definitely consider going that way.

Not only can you focus better on every section of the house you now have, like the costs saved from that extra bathroom could be used to make the one you now have better, but you also get more outdoor space. This space can be utilized to give the house a more grandeur feel.

Paint It Right
The paint of your house sets a certain tone, a particular ambience that impacts every other decor decision you make after. Like hotel rooms, that don’t have a lot on the walls but just the right color in itself gives the space a very luxurious feel.

You can play with a similar color palette, preferably using soft tones, or choosing to go your way and make it bold. Like mixing violet with white.

Anything works as long as it gives the house a rich feel, looks clean and compliments everything else in the room without demanding all the attention.

Let The Furniture Do The Talking
No matter how right everything else is in your house, if you got the furniture wrong, you may as well say goodbye to a house with a luxurious feel.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but the kind of design and material you choose decides the look and feel of the entire aesthetic. Leather couches are the conventional luxury. If you prefer them, you can compliment them with a solid wood dining table as well. Otherwise, you can choose to go with soft, comfortable furniture that focuses more on the feel and less on the appeal.

Either way, it doesn’t have to be new. You can buy used furniture that looks like it’s new. Or retouch your current furniture to suit your room better.

In all cases getting the professionals involved is always better than making all decisions by yourself. RareBuilt Homes Ltd. are one of the best luxury custom home builders in Calgary. They can help you build your dream luxury home under budget. While providing you with the exceptional service they have a reputation for.

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