Cerner Vs NextGen: Choose the Best EMR For Your Practice

Cerner EMR

Clinicians need to make an informed decision when choosing the best EMR for their practice management. To highlight the differences between Nextgen and Cerner EMR, this article will discuss their features, costs, demos, and other details. This information will help you make an informed decision about which one to choose.

Cerner, an EHR cloud-based, is used by healthcare organizations of all sizes and types to simplify their work and provide better care. You can use the features such as charting, documentation and revenue management. These features allow doctors to make accurate diagnoses and keep patients informed.

NextGen Enterprise’s powerful features, including practice management, charting and telemedicine, as well as analytics, can be useful for larger outpatient facilities. This EHR system can be used for multi-specialty or single-specialty clinics. It can handle both administrative and clinical tasks such as scheduling appointments and tracking money.

Cerner EMR Key Features


The Cerner software includes telemedicine. Virtual healthcare gives patients more options for treatment and care. Your patients’ health will be improved by the remote monitoring and real-time intervention that Cerner EMR offers.

Patient Portal

People expect that their digital health care experience will be the same as how they interact with other companies in this age of consumerism. Digital front doors and digital practices allow consumers to be at the heart of their healthcare journey, and they can take part in it whenever it suits them. This includes scheduling appointments and helping to improve their health.

Cerner offers a solid solution to member engagement. This helps people and their care teams stay informed, aligned and educated at all times. This solution was created to empower individuals, their families and their care team to play an active role in their own health and care.

Revenue Cycle Management

Cerner EHR helps you manage your money and ensures that the revenue cycle runs smoothly. This program will give you the tools to increase your cost control and workflow which can lead to increased sales. Businesses in outpatient and acute care can use Cerner’s revenue cycle management to improve their financial performance, track costs, and reduce administrative tasks.

Cerner EHR Pricing

Cerner’s price depends on the size of your practice. We can provide a quote to meet your needs. To get a customized price, you can contact the software sales department.

Cerner Demo

You can book a Cerner EMR demo and learn more from the official vendor profile.

Cerner Reviews

Cerner EMR is well-reviewed and most people agree that it’s a great tool for managing a practice. It can also help patients be more involved in their care and improve their health.

Nextgen EMR Key Features


Nextgen EMR allows patients to quickly record their family, medical, and social history when they check in using Nextgen’s software. The information is automatically entered into your EHR so you don’t need to type it in. Patients’ consent forms are automatically entered into your EHR without needing to be scanned. The NextPen forms are included with standard forms for new patient registration. This saves time for front-office workers who no longer need to enter data. This allows them to spend more time with patients and build better relationships.


This function allows you to connect to the network and link the program with other nurses and doctors. You can also send patients to specialists and obtain medical information from their past doctors. It’s easy to identify the problem and determine the best treatment.

Patient Engagement

You can make it simple and flexible for patients by putting a link to your website. Meditech’s tools allow clients to schedule appointments and receive confirmations online. Your clinic can choose which types of appointments can be made electronically. Patients can cancel or change their appointments by email or text message. Patients should be able to send and receive secure messages to their care team. To make the patient chart more comprehensive, you can add attachments and message threads.

NextGen EMR Pricing

Nextgen EMR pricing is set up to allow all types of practices to get the plan that suits them best. Nextgen offers two pricing options: one for small and one for large businesses. However, the cost for each client will vary based on their information.

Nextgen Demo

Schedule a NextGen EMR Demo through the official website to learn more about NextGen and how it can benefit your medical practice.

Nextgen Software Reviews

NextGen EHR has received positive reviews. It is a reliable system that records data over time and offers user training. The calendar and interface to schedule patients have been well-received by users.

Final Thoughts

Cerner offers a range of technologies that can help healthcare providers provide better care and make more money. Cerner’s “PowerChart”, which makes it easy to assess a patient’s clinical information, speeds up patient visits. Cerner Millennium provides a single view of patient care for hospitals and clinics across many specialties.

NextGen offers a user-friendly patient portal, a claims clearinghouse and a fully integrated practice management system with specialized content. It is easier for staff and doctors to do their jobs. It is easy to use and integrates with provider workflows.

Cerner and Nextgen offer a variety of practice management options for their customers. It is important to take the time to compare the costs before making your final decision. To get a better understanding of the features and functionalities, you can watch demos.

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